MAONO was founded with the simple premise: Everyone has the right to Luxury.


In the summer of 2011, a then young diplomat Syga Thomas new that he wanted to start his own brand. He traveled the world, exploring the origins of bespoke craftmenship and wanted to bring those goods to the global marketplace. A passion for high-quality goods and frustration with the lack of affordable goods in the luxury retail space, led him to build MAONO. He hasn’t looked back.


Our team, seasoned with young talent, is committed to outfitting the movers, shakers, and influencers of the world.


We adhere to a strict code of lifestyle ethics, and sometimes that means coming up with a new way of thinking.


We currently work from two offices: merchandising, and marketing are based in Washington, DC while creative and production operate out of Madrid, Spain. It’s unique, as we are able to work with our European designers  on the latest trends.


With our biggest customer base on the East Coast, and a growing market in Europe, we plan on expanding the team on both sides of the Atlantic.  





                                                                         "Meet MAONO, a lifestyle brand launched in

                                                                            2011 with the mission of supplying worker

                                                                                 bees with high-quality staples — think

                                                                                     blazers, button-up blouses,  skirts,

                                                                                         pants and small leather goods." 


              the huffington post   

“As a vertically integrated brand producing

   some of the best quality products on the

     market, MAONO is demonstrating

      itself as a lifestyle Brand for men

       and women not afraid to push



We at MAONO have a desire to ensure impeccable service to each of our customers.

Our Web Sales Team is therefore available from Monday to Friday 08:30 to 18:00 EST via phone to assist you with any question you may not have been able to find the answer to on our website. If you are calling from the US and Canada, please use our toll free number - 1 888 575 7787.


How do I contact MAONO?

E-mail us, you will always receive a prompt and thoughtful response. For general and product-related questions, email: info@maono.com; phone: 1 888 575 7787. 


How do I know what my size is?

Please visit our PERFECT FIT for a detailed size chart.


How much does shipping cost?

All domestic ground shipping is free of charge. Via DHL 2-dayshipping is $35. We do ship internationally, pricing varies based on country.


When will my order ship?

All orders placed on US business days before 3:00PM will ship the same day. After 3:00PM, or on weekends/federal holidays, orders will be shipped the next business day. Once your shirt is on its way, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with UPS tracking information. In general, East-Coast & Mid-West customers can expect delivery in 1-3 days, West-Coast and South West customers should expect delivery in 3-5 days.


What is the policy on returns and exchanges?

We provide free returns and exchanges (both ways) within 14 days of delivery date (provided that the clothing item is structurally in good condition). E-mail us and we'll provide you with a pre-paid return label.


Where do you get your fabrics?

Wherever we can get the world's best materials. We source 100% materials from Italy, Brazil, Japan, India, and Pakistan.


Where else can I buy MAONO apparel?

Our apparel is offered exclusively on www.maono.com and at select pop-up retail opportunities from time-to-time. If you're buying MAONO apparel, it's coming directly from us to you.


Are there any philanthropic initiatives with the clothing?

Yes. MAONO donates 5% for every item sold to support The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington in areas such as education, health, and social programs.

Meet the Team


         Bonded by a mutual affection for fashion and philanthropy, we  came together to merge the  two.


MAONO is defined by our common penchant for dreaming big and doing good. Our idea of a more perfect world is one in which we all have access to opportunity -- whatever your goals may be. What then could be more appropriate than outfitting yourself for success while providing others a greater opportunity for achievement, advancement, and prosperity? A global generation of optimists and idealists, we take our obsession with perfection and bring it to our products, making your choice of where to invest a simple one: Invest in yourself AND the future, all at the same time. We think that’s pretty perfect.

Syga Thomas
Syga Thomas
The very definition of a globe trotter, this linguaphile has rubbed elbows with notables in Embassies and Ministries around the world. But while his feet may wander, his heart bleeds gold -- LA Lakers purple and gold, that is. When Syga isn’t searching for new ways to better the planet through fashion, this chic aquarian is almost always by his trusty German Shepard’s side.
Francesca Ruberti
Francesca Ruberti
True to her roots, this native Italian is equally devoted to fashion and food. While her free time in Italy was mainly divided between cooking and beach-going, the capital's lack of sand has forced Francesca to alter her siren habits. When she's not at the pool you can most likely find her at home attempting to undo her husband's organization.