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Be the Movement

Idealistic and full of heart, we believe that we should
do good for others while taking care of ourselves.

Our Process

Do you want to pay $500 for something that cost $100 to make? Neither do we. Most clothing is passed from hand to hand
(to hand), being marked up with every transfer before reaching department stores and being marketed to you. Our process is simple:

our process

Step 1:
Make beautiful,
high-quality clothing

Step 2:
Sell them directly to you

Step 3:
Give back

Removing the middleman allows us to provide superior products at low prices, with enough left over
to donate 5% to a good cause.

Shop smart. Look sharp. Give back.

For Our Customers

There’s nothing we hate more than being ignored. Here at MAONO, we understand there would
be no us without a you! That’s why providing exceptional service is our top priority. While you’re
busy changing the world, we’ll be here to keep you looking sharp and feeling valuable.



Here at MAONO, we strive for an ethical approach to business. With the knowledge
that we can’t care for each other without caring for the environment, we only use
chemical-free materials and source leathers from cruelty-free suppliers.


Our Team

We can’t do good for others if our team members aren’t happy. That’s why we strive to create an
environment that fosters creativity and promotes inclusion. Comprised of a global generation of
optimists and idealists, the MAONO enterprise understands that cultivating personal and
professional growth is a privilege.

  • Syga Thomas
  • Francesca Ruberti


MAONO is dedicated to giving back to the community. From volunteering at a local food kitchen
(Capital Area Food Bank), to partnering with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, we believe that we are a reflection of our surroundings. We at MAONO would like to challenge you to be the movement and join us in
fostering positive change in the world.

US Capitol + Boys and Girls Club

B Corporation

B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and
environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

MAONO is proud to be recognized as a B Corporation.

Certified B Corporation