Feature Interview


Carter Reum (pronounced “reem”) is the co-founder of VeeV®, one of the fastest-growing spirit brands in the United States.

What is your favorite cocktail recipe?
A:  I’m a sucker for VeeV on the rocks or VeeV and soda with a lime because I like to taste my spirits and that way I can drink more and feel better the next day because there is no sugary mixer causing a hangover! 
What's your uniform -- the outfit you put on that you're most comfortable in and could wear every day?
A:  My uniform is a pairs of sneakers, jeans and a vneck – casual and comfortable. I have a closet just for sneakers and stock about 10 vnecks in each color that I like so there are always clean options!  
What is your favorite piece/best buy in your wardrobe?
A:  I have a black Spurr leather motorcycle jacket that seems to work whether I’m going to Rock N Reilly’s or Sunset Tower for an Oscar event.  
What is the most important garment in a man's wardrobe; the one big-ticket fashion item that is worth its price tag?
A:  A navy suit
You are a certified B Corporation. Why is that important for your company?
A:  We created VeeV to be a better way to drink so being a sustainable and socially responsible company is core to that mission.
What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when buying a drink ?
A.  Ruining the taste of good spirits with adding sugary mixers that kill the taste and dial up the hangover! That’s a lose-lose.
On your website you say, "Have fun, drink responsibly. Live consciously". Can you explain more about that?" 
A.  We created VeeV because we didn’t think that having fun and being conscious was mutually exclusive so we’re trying to provide an option in the spirits market for those individuals who want to live their life this way.
Some say that what you choose to drink is a lifestyle choice. Why is that so? 
A.  Choosing your drink of choice is an outward expression of your tastes and the group you want to be a part of given different brands associate their drinks with different types of men or different occasions or different emotions. Hence they always say you can tell a lot about a person from what they’re drinking!
What does a guy’s drink-of-choice say about him? 
A.  It tells you a lot. Enough said.
We see that you recently launched VITAFRUTE. What are your plans for the future? Are there any new spirits for us to look forward to? 
A.  VitaFrute is our latest attempt at giving consumers an option to choose a better way to drink; this time with VitaFrute we are introducing an all-natural and certified organic ready-to-drink product that’s perfect for a party or just for convenience. VitaFrute will be available nationally this spring in the likes of Albertson’s, Ralph’s, Vons, Jewel-Osco, CVS, Total W&S and many other retailers around the country.