Best Vlogging tool: Maono WM820 compact wireless microphone system

Best Vlogging tool: Maono WM820 compact wireless microphone system

After Rode wireless Go hit the market in the April of 2019, many brands paid attention to the compact wireless microphone market and started competition. You may find it not easy to find a suitable compact wireless microphone among the wide selections. As one of the well-sold global audio brands, Maono released the WM820 dual-person compact wireless microphone system line in 2021. The series includes three models including: WM820 A2, WM820 B2, and WM820 C2.


How will the Maono WM820 wireless microphone work

The wireless microphone system uses 2.4GHz wireless frequency band to transmit wireless signal. In actual usage, the wireless technology allows you to connect the microphone system transmitter to the receiver without physical cable connection. As a result, the wireless freedom will gives you more space for content creation.

Why do you need a wireless microphone system like WM820

  • Scenario: People are now getting used tomaking and watching content such as vlogging, gaming, and streaming various platforms to get personal influence or daily entertainment.  WM820 wireless mic system is an ideal tool to help content creators quickly get great audio for various kinds of content.
  • Easy operation: The belt clip design on the WM820 transmitters is for easy fastening on clothes. In no more than 3 seconds, you can get the mic system ready and start recording.
  • Wireless freedom.
  • Compact and portable. The transmitter dimension is45mm x 45mm x 17mm.
  • High and stable performance with a good price.


Advantages of WM820

  • Omnidirectional polar pattern: This kind of polar pattern suits the need of vloggers and other content creators well.
  • Three WM820 model options allows you to select the most suitable model. WM820 A2 can be used for devices with a 3.5mm connector. WM820 B2 is compatible with IOS devices like iPad&iPhone equipped with lightning connector, and WM820 C2 is designed for USB-C devices like mobile phones, laptop&Pads.  
  • One-button mute: Turns on the mute feature of the microphone via a easy click.
  • 22-step 42dB mic gain.




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