Choose Your Budget Professional Podcast Microphones Online

Choose Your Budget Professional Podcast Microphones Online

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I encountered the problem how to choose the best microphone when I decided to start my own podcast channel. Just like purchase other electronic products, I searched as much information as possible before making decision on which mic should I go for as a newbie. Browsing around the reviews and all the specification of different products didn’t actually help that much.

Comparing varied brand and microphones, I cleared up my greatest demand: I need a microphone that has professional performance in sound processing so that the listeners don’t get bother because of the bad sound quality, which is I suppose the basic requirement of a microphone. At the same time, it has to be easy to use. This is really important as you won’t want to distract yourself by the complicated set-up of the equipment but focus on your podcast or creation.

What’ more important, the price should lay on my limited budget range.

I’ve added several microphones into my cart to compare on amazon and listed as following:


  1. Rode NT USB microphone.

It attracted me for its build-in pop filter. This incredible function will leave you no worry to the breakout sound on speaking no matter how excitedly you talk about the current news. USB microphone is exactly what I need at this moment. However, I do step back for the price.


  1. Maono PM422 USB microphone

It looks like a decent USB microphone from its appearance. And not bad for its mute touch panel and accessible jack for monitoring headphone. There is no build-in pop filter but comes with a wind screen filter. I like its wind screen with a big M logo because it makes it less boring and a bit inspiring.


  1. Neewer NW-700 

It earns a great reputation and the price is big plus for a newbie. However, it is an XLR microphone that requires a phantom power as an adapter. You’ll get a pure microphone without any knob or adjustable switch on it.

I bought maono PM422 microphone at last for what it offers based on its price. It can be ranked top among budget microphone. To sum up, to get your budget professional podcast microphone, brand doesn’t come first but some emerging brand shines as every part of it values for the money.

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