How to improve the efficiency of telecommuting

How to improve the efficiency of telecommuting

In order to recover the economy and everyone’s lives, “telecommuting” must be started.

Employees work remotely from home to work, and students also take classes online.


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In the interrupted month, due to the NCP, many people lived in horror every day. At the

beginning, I thought it was just a trivial matter and it wouldn't get serious, so I didn't pay

much attention to it.


Until later it became: the first thing to get up every morning is to see how many new people

are, where to buy masks, and stay firmly at home. If you can't go out, you can't go out, and

live a retirement life in advance.

 conference microphone

In order to stop the NCP, do not leave relatives during the Spring Festival. At this moment,

everyone stayed at home and couldn't come out, even if the start date was reached. Many

small companies went bankrupt because of the outbreak, and they couldn't survive this

difficult period.


How to do it?


In order to recover the economy and everyone’s lives, “telecommuting” must be started.

Employees work remotely from home to work, and students also take classes online.


We can't let our education fall because of the NCP, and the economy has fallen a lot. We

must also stop the economic regression while blocking the NCP.

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After all, the death rate from this outbreak was 2%, but the death rate from hunger was

indeed 100%. Although " telecommuting " makes it easier for everyone to work from home,

there are also inefficiencies.


If any colleagues who have tried working from home will find that they are basically working

at home with their computer on while swiping their cell phone, although they always think that

they want to work, the cell phone on hand is can't let go.


Moreover, you will also find that whenever you think about starting work immediately, there

will always be something that needs to be solved immediately. All in all, working from home

is never the first priority. Your heart won't be at work.


Last night, Tiktok did a live broadcast about " telecommuting ", which mainly talked about

how to improve the efficiency of working at home, and shared some useful tools.

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After the live broadcast, many people left a message in my live broadcast room saying that

they would like to know more about the product. I will share it with you one by one.


OK, let me share a tool that I find more useful recently:


Maono AU-BM10

This is the second time I have used a conference microphone. When I first saw it, I was still

in the company. I thought it was a good thing. The advantage of using a conference

microphone is that no matter where you are, you can pick up your voice without interference

from noise.


Very simple and convenient, plug and play, the process will not be complicated. At the end of

the conference, I felt that this product was not only suitable for conference scenarios, but

also suitable for use at home.

conference microphone

Then, I went to ask us where the HR conference microphone was bought, and I said that I

also want to buy one for my family to use as a usual video.


After asking, I know that this product not only has good performance, but also the price is

very affordable. Only $36.99. If so, then click on the product link to make a purchase!

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