How To Judge The Quality And Performance Of The Microphone?

How To Judge The Quality And Performance Of The Microphone?

We can judge whether a microphone is suitable for the occasion we want by the structure of

the microphone (moving coil or capacitor) and the pointing characteristics (cardioid,

omnidirectional shape, etc.). However, we conclude that the quality and performance of a

microphone will not be as simple as that.


                                                      The quality

                                                  of the recording


                                            ultimately determined by

                                   the worst quality component in the



                                             the recording quality is

                                                  no better than

                                           the corresponding quality

                                            of this worst component.


If you don't have a high-quality microphone with accurate sound, you can't record a high-

quality vocal or instrumental performances. High-quality microphones can help you get the

best results from live shows.


Sensitivity and frequency response characteristics are two very important aspects when

evaluating the performance of a microphone. Sensitivity depends on the size of the signal

produced by the microphone pair-fixed sound pressure signal. In general, the bigger the

signal is, the better.


The larger the signal, the higher the signal level produced and the higher the signal-to-noise

ratio of the microphone. In any energy conversion, some ineffective energy is converted into

noise. For the same sound signal, the higher the effective signal level of the microphone

output, the smaller the relative noise.


Regarding the sensitivity of the microphone, we often encounter some confusing indicators. If

you want to consider only one of them, you can start with the sound pressure level (SPL).

The output signal level of a low-impedance microphone is generally lower than the input

sound level, and SPL tells you how low it is. The SPL is represented by a negative decibel

number, such as -50 dB (-50 dB greater than -60 dB in this indicator).



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