How to Use a Condenser Microphone AU-A04

How to Use a Condenser Microphone AU-A04

Whether you're recording a podcast, musical track or field recording, you want to ensure that

your audio is crystal clear every time. Condenser microphones are an excellent tool that

delivers high sensitivity to capture subtle nuances and smooth frequency response.


Whether you're plucking, drumming, singing or speaking, condenser microphones create

high-quality audio. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to use a condenser

microphone on your computer.


Firstly, when you plug in the microphone, you need to wait for the computer or another

device to fully boot up. Sometimes, If you plug it in before or when you turn it on, the

microphone may not respond.

 condenser microphone

Secondly, microphone setting: small speaker in the lower right corner - right-click, the

recording device adjusts the existing microphone to the default device in the recording, then

double-click the microphone or point attribute, in the level you can adjust the volume of the

microphone. The microphone to strength noise suppression and echo cancellation are

selected in the enhancement.


Thirdly, do not plug the microphone into the USB hub, but plug the microphone into the USB

port of the computer.


Fourth, if you have other microphone cables, you can try to see if it works on the

microphone. If it works, it is a problem with the microphone cable.


Five, device compatibility - Would you please tell us what is the device you are using? If your

device is not compatible, could you try to find out if other devices are available?

Now you're ready to record.

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