How to Use a Lavalier lap Microphone

How to Use a Lavalier lap Microphone

A lavalier mic, also named as lav mic, lapel mic, or clip mic, is a type of microphone that can be mounted onto one’s body or a piece of clothing. Designed with lightweight and small in size, it provides a hands-free option ideal for interviews, presentations, vlog and broadcasting. Most lavalier mics have an omnidirectional pickup pattern that captures a natural, clear and consistent sound from all directions.

There are two types of lavalier microphones, wired and wireless.

  • Wired lavalier microphone

A wired lavalier mic comes with cables to connect with your recording device. It’s easy-to-use at an affordable price.

  • Wireless lavalier microphone

A wireless lavalier microphone system includes a transmitter where the mic cable is plugged into and a receiver. It enables greater freedom of movement but is more expensive compared with the wired ones.

Now, let’s go straight to how to use a lavalier lap microphone.

Step 1  Attach your mic to the clip

To start with a wired mic, insert your mic into the loop at the clip, then grab a small loop of the cable and put it inside the clip to hold it in place. For a wireless lav mic, power on both the transmitter and the receiver first and repeat the above.

Step 2  Connect your mic to a recording device

If you have a wired mic, plug the mic directly into your device’s headphone port. Connect your wired mic to your smartphones, PCs and cameras via a cable with a 3.5mm jack, and mixers, amplifiers or other devices via a 6.5mm jack. If you’re using a wireless mic, connect it to the transmitter instead.

Step 3  Position your mic in the right place

This is the most important step to get the best audio results possible. For a wired lav mic, place the mic 20-30 cm close to your mouth and attach the mic clip to a piece of clothing near your chest. The mic can be clipped on the gap between the buttons of your shirt, the top of the T-shirt, or even underneath the collar of a shirt, a hat or hair if you want to hide it. You can use some extra simple tools like tapes to help you with that! For a wireless lav mic, put the transmitter inside your pocket or attach it to a belt.

Step 4  Organize the cable

Straighten the mic cable and avoid snagging. You can also keep the cable in place with the help of tapes.

 Step 5  Test it out

After setting up the mic, make sure to check the audio level to see if it’s working properly and adjust the position of the mic accordingly.

It’s all that simple, right? Once it’s all done, you can start recording.

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