How Video Conferencing Consoles Work?

How Video Conferencing Consoles Work?

As an audio control device in the process of enterprise video conferencing, phantom power is

generally provided on the mixer.


When using a condenser microphone and the microphone cable is balanced, press the

phantom power switch to provide a polarized voltage to the microphone. In other cases, the

phantom power should be turned off. Avoid unnecessary energy losses and additional costs,

and do a good job of maintaining the system as a whole.


The mixer is an audio signal mixing and processing console that is the heart of the audio

processing system. The mixer consists of an input, a bus, and an output section, where the

bus section links the input and output sections. The process of processing the signal by the

mixer is as follows: the audio signal enters the mixer from the microphone or line input, and

after gain adjustment, enters the equalizer processing to complete the sound quality



Then, the attenuation ratio is used to adjust the mixing ratio, and then through the phase

adjustment, the left and right channel bus bars and the group bus are entered; at the same

time, the signals extracted before and after the faders enter the auxiliary bus. The mixed

signal from the busbar is mixed, amplified, amplitude-amplified, isolated and amplified, and

sent to the corresponding output interface.




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