Matters Needing Attention When Using Recording Equipment

Matters Needing Attention When Using Recording Equipment

First of all, we must pay attention not to touch the diaphragm of the microphone and

speaker to prevent it from being deformed, affecting the playback of the sound and the

service life of the device.


In addition, we should also pay attention to the common sense of safe use of electricity,

such as avoiding high load and full power use of equipment during peak hours; it is best to

equip with regulated power supply and UPS to prevent accidental power failure and impact

and damage to the equipment and recorded sound lost.


Secondly, the equipment should be wiped regularly to prevent dust from entering the inside

of the device, causing a short circuit of the internal circuit and poor heat dissipation of the



Pay special attention to the use of silk fabric when wiping the mixer, but avoid wiping with

fabrics with hair and chips, especially push-pull potential. Near the device; always keep the

floor clean in the shed, it is best to wear slippers before entering the shed. Careful

maintenance can ensure the normal use and longevity of the equipment.


Finally, considering the need to record music and records in the future, it is also necessary

to add appropriate reflectors to the lower soft packs in the shed, and it is best to have experts

conduct on-site research and finalize the solution; of course, the acoustic conditions of the

control room are improved.


It is also an important factor that can make the music produced to reach the publishing level,

which directly affects the monitoring effect.



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