Meet the voice that makes you beckoning

Meet the voice that makes you beckoning

When you are young, it's easy to like someone. Maybe it's because he's very handsome, or

he plays basketball very well, or he studies very well. You will find that it seems that

everyone has their own standard of liking someone, but I like him because of his voice.


I remember that the first time we met was at a friend's party. At that time, my friend said to

us, "I recently bought a new microphone with good sound quality, or I will try it for you?" As

soon as you hear that you can sing, the atmosphere in the room immediately boils.


It seems that the best way to avoid cold field is to sing. I was not interested in singing at first,

but watching them have such a good time there, I would feel that the party is not so boring.


Some people say that there are only three kinds of people who like singing: one is to vent

their emotions and simply yell; the other is to accompany singing; and the better ones are the

ones who are quiet and seemingly unimportant.


I sit by the living room, knock melon seeds, watch them grab each other's microphones and

roar. It's funny to watch the scene of the mob dancing.


I laughed and shouted at the other side: can you stop tormenting my ears, like ghosts crying

and wolves howling, and give me a good one. I don't know if they heard what I said. Then

they felt quiet for a moment.

I heard a very low voice singing my favorite song "out of the season". This person has

mastered the essence of the song, no matter the rhythm or the emotion. At this time, the

whole audience was quiet and addicted to the song. Everyone was listening to him quietly.


At the end of the song, still addicted to his voice, I finally looked up to see what the boy

looked like. At first glance, I feel that this person has a unique temperament, giving a gentle

and comfortable feeling. He has a white and clean face, sharp facial features, gentle and

bright eyes, and his deep and magnetic voice, like a line, is deeply drawing me.


Before, I had never believed that love at first sight would happen to me, and I had never

believed that there was such a person in the world as I imagined until I met him. It was he

who made all my fantasies about love come true, and it was also because he made me

believe in the illusory thing of love.


It's said that love will make girls brave, and I just walked up to him and accosted him under

the magic of love: "you sing well, I don't know if it's the reason of this microphone? Let me

sing one, too. In fact, the reason for singing is to ease the embarrassment, because I don't

know how to talk to him next.


However, when I finished singing a song, I found that I sang better today than before, and the

sound seemed more crisp. It seems that the microphone is really the reason.


Later, I asked my friend where I bought this microphone. I thought it was very good and

wanted to buy one. He directly sent me a link and said, "you can order this AU-902 directly on

the official website of maono, which is where I bought mine.".


Later, whenever I took this microphone to sing at home, I would think of the afternoon that

made my heart move.

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