Podcast: a host's monologue

Podcast: a host's monologue

I would understand and analyze the circle more or less, so I share the contacts of these

years with you today, hoping to help friends who want to be engaged in the industry of


I began to contact with live Internet broadcast at the beginning of 2016. Of course, at the

beginning, I was just a small audience. I saw no less than tens of thousands of anchors

before and after, and I kept approaching professional anchors through the circle.


I would understand and analyze the circle more or less, so I share the contacts of these

years with you today, hoping to help friends who want to be engaged in the industry of



There may be many friends who think that being a host is an industry with fast money, such

as Tianyou, Papi, Hailiang, etc. you can get tens of thousands of dollars or even millions of

dollars in a live broadcast for a few hours. It's true that well-known anchors are quick to make

money, but don't neglect one thing: the pay behind the anchors.

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The effort behind the anchor is also endless heartache. Stay up late, compete, be scolded,

coax and so on. Before you do it, you should also think of a sentence: am I ready?


There are several names of live broadcasting industry that we must know, such as platform,

guild, family and anchor.


The platform generally refers to app operators, such as panda TV, Yingke, pepper, etc. Most

guilds and families are brokerage companies or anchor management teams, while the

anchor is usually visible to everyone, so we won't go into details here.


The most powerful, of course, is the platform, the maker of the rules of the game.


For now, the two platforms of fast and small volcanoes are as hot as YY and video clips,

especially the small video of volcanoes.


In general, the card in the hands of guild or family is "anchor", which is similar to the model of

brokerage company. The number of trainers is hundreds or even tens of thousands.


At present, most of the guild families in China, most of them are in horse racing enclosure,

and a few of them focus on "online Red training". Of course, more or less training is done by

every guild family, and the breadth and depth of their training are different.


If it's a guild family, no matter how many hosts are in hand, it's possible to be popular. Then a

few hosts are enough.


Analysis of the operation team of guild family, writers, hype, promotion, in fact, is inseparable

from a large number of investment and network promotion.


Some people say that "the anchor is sometimes just an external spokesman, even a puppet"

seriously, but it is not too much. Without the operation and promotion of the team, even if the

ability of the anchor is strong enough, the probability of becoming a net red is very small.

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The water of guild family is very deep. For non professionals, it's no problem to make a small

fuss. If you want to make a big investment, you should be cautious.


Besides, the bottom layer is the anchor, of course. A good anchor is actually an all rounder.

Why do you say that? The anchorman should have good eloquence, high EQ, professional

and hard, be able to open up and chat. Ordinary people can't reach this level.


So, how can we become a net red, live network talent?

1: choice


I think it's better to choose a good team first and join a suitable guild or family. Although most

of the time, they will sign a "deed of sale", but at least they will not get lost and learn more or



Moreover, there is a suitable host microphone hanging, like the AU-A04 microphone of

maono that I just used, which has been used now. A good microphone will allow you to enter

the state of the host better at the beginning.


The excellent team will help the novice anchor easily go through the initial stage of the live

broadcast, that is, the "awkward period". Generally, in this period, you have no audience, no

attention, no reward, or even your own costume and studio are not ideal.


The first role of the team is to provide timely help, and the second is to make the best of it.

Frankly, it won't make you too bad, but if you are good, the final result is that everyone is


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Of course, if your own ability is excellent, others will attach great importance to you, and the

probability of success will be greater.


One thing to remember: the guild family always put money first. What they value is always

the anchor who can help them make money.


2 Accurate positioning


Good positioning is the key.

In China, the most important thing is people. There are people, and there are anchors. But

why are they so different?


Positioning is the core. Many of the first time interviewees for the position of anchor, when

asked about their advantages, will get similar answers like "can sing" and "can dance" in

most cases.


After the climax of 2016, the number of full-time anchors in the live broadcasting industry has

reached nearly 10 million, of which more than 70% will involve singing and more than 40%

will involve dancing. Isn't your competitive pressure great? Therefore, professional skills can

only be a icing on the cake, rather than a drop in the bucket.

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