Professional UHF Wireless Microphone User Manual

Professional UHF Wireless Microphone User Manual

The UHF wireless microphone is designed with professional-grade amplifiers, stereos, karaoke machines, and large-screen TVs.
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The UHF wireless microphone is designed for professional stage performances, stadiums,

high-end KTV private rooms and halls, school classrooms and multimedia rooms, and high-

grade home use, with professional-grade amplifiers, stereos, karaoke machines, and large-

screen TVs.

Use, but if you are a professional UHF microphone you need to have the following features:

1. It has a net head locking structure and is equipped with a high-strength anti-collision steel

net head to prevent damages caused by dismantling the microphones in the business



2. The use of simple button switch, there is no other buttons or adjustable components on

the appearance of the microphone, completely avoid the fault caused by misoperation;


3. Hexagonal anti-rolling rubber ring is placed on the head of the net, and it is not easy to roll

on the tabletop; there is a protective rubber sleeve at the end of the microphone, which is not

easy to damage when dropped;


4. Automatically search for free channels to quickly and accurately find interference-free

channels, which greatly simplifies commissioning during installation.


5. Sound code mute design (digital pilot), with code lock function or identification function,

completely eliminate the interference and noise phenomenon;


6. Adopt specially designed sound heads, and carry out balanced adjustment to the

characteristics of human voices, so that you can speak and sing easily and freely;


7. With automatic mute and impact elimination circuit to avoid the impact of switching and

noise, to prevent the impact of the atmosphere and even damage the sound reinforcement



8. The microphone uses a double boost circuit design. When the battery voltage drops, it will

not reduce the transmit power and will not shorten the operating distance.




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