Studio Microphone Buying Guide

Studio Microphone Buying Guide

Professional recording engineers apprehend that artistic mike choice is a necessary

ingredient in each nice recording.

Professional recording engineers apprehend that artistic mike choice is a necessary

ingredient in each nice recording. If you’re new recording however, the topic of microphones

is perhaps shrouded in mystery. With a touch of studio expertise underneath your belt, you

learn that bound mics work well for recording explicit instruments.


However, while not associate understanding of acoustic theory, you doubtless won’t perceive

why. Do you reach for a dynamic or a condenser mic? Tube or solid-state? With such a big

amount of mics to decide on from, it will appear overwhelming, therefore a basic

understanding of mike varieties, and their uses can serve you well.

 condenser microphone

A bad mic selection typically comes back to haunt you — protruding sort of sore thumb within

the combine — however not to fear! Sweet water’s Studio mike shopping for Guide unravels

the mysteries of the mic, golf shot you on the trail to awesome-sounding recordings. And as

forever, Sweet water’s mic specialists will assist you opt for.


Types of microphones Dynamic Microphones In a dynamic mike, the audio signal is

generated by the motion of a conductor inside a field of force. In most dynamic mics, an

awfully skinny, light-weight diaphragm moves in response to force per unit area.


The diaphragm’s motion causes a voice coil suspended in a very field of force to maneuver,

generating tiny low electrical phenomenon.

 condenser microphone

Dynamic mics are less sensitive (to force per unit area levels and high frequencies) than

condenser mics, and will usually take additional penalty. They conjointly tend to be more

cost-effective. Dynamics are good for drums and electrical guitars. The foremost widespread

snare mic of all times is the Maono K04. Several engineers swear by the Sennheiser MD421

on toms.


The purposeful AKG D112 is a wonderful selection for drum. Condenser Microphones When

its absolute fidelity to the supply you’re when, reach for a capacitor microphone.


Condensers are additional conscious of the “speed” and nuances of sound waves than

dynamic mics. This straightforward system consists of a skinny stretched semi conductive

diaphragm placed on the point of a metal disk.


This arrangement creates an electrical condenser that is given its electrical phenomenon by

associate external voltage supply — electric battery or dedicated power offer, or phantom

power equipped by your mixer. The diaphragm vibrates slightly in response to force per unit

area, inflicting the capacitance to vary and manufacturing a voltage variation — the signal

output of the mike.

condenser microphone 

Condenser mics are available in each solid-state and tube variations and a good style of

shapes and sizes — however, all of them operate in line with these principles. USB



A recent development in a mike technology, the USB mic contains all the weather of a

conventional microphone: capsule, diaphragm, etc. wherever it differs from alternative

microphones is its inclusion of two extra circuits: associate aboard ramp associated an

analog-to-digital (A/D) device. The ramp makes it superfluous for the USB mic to be

connected to a mixer or external mic ramp.


The A/D device changes the mic’s output from analog (voltage) to digital (data), therefore it is

obstructed directly into a laptop and browse by recording software package.


That creates mobile digital recording as straightforward as plugging within the mic, launching

your Corvus molecular software package, and touch record!

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