The Difference Between A Large Studio And A Small Studio

The Difference Between A Large Studio And A Small Studio

                           The large studio has a better pickup effect. Recording in this studio is

                                                to include the reflected part as needed

                                                               When using the

                                         pressure limiter of the microphone be sure to reduce

                                               the compression ratio as much as possible

                                                                 That is to say if the


                                                    ratio of the compressor is too large

                                        when the volume of the sound reaches the threshold


                                                      the compressor will greatly

                                              reduce the level of the excess, and

                                                               then the early

                                         reflection will follow. The same is reduced

                                    The area of the small recording pen is not very large

                                                so the sound absorption effect is

                                                              very good

                                              Recording in this kind of studio

                                     regardless of the recording of the reflected sound

                                            all the spetial sense of the sound

                                                       must be obtained

                                          by the later processing, that is, we can

                                                    safely use the compressor

                                                           above the bold

                                                  in this case, the only thing

                                                              to notice

                                             is to try not to make the sound

                                   with too many traces of compressor processing.






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