Top USB Microphones in CHINA market

Top USB Microphones in CHINA market

Are you worried about choosing a good microphone?

Did you search on Google for a lot of knowledge about microphones, and also you have

seen a lot of microphone products on Amazon?


But in the end, the more you find you looking at, the less you know how to choose? We all

know how important a good microphone is to a podcast, so we always take a lot of time to

choose a microphone.

 lavalier lapel microphone

Because it's not just a USB recording condenser or a USB condenser microphone, it's

about the quality of the content we create, so we have to be very careful to choose.


So now the question is, as a newbie, how do we choose a good and suitable microphone for

ourselves? Let's focus on the Chinese market to see what the best microphones in the

Chinese markets have?


In my case, I think the best microphone in the Chinese market is the Maono-branded USB

microphone kit. If you're new to short video recording on YouTube, I recommend Maono's

AU-A04 USB microphone kit. This is a USB YouTube microphone, perfect for live streaming

on YouTube, and if you just want to use it to document your daily life, it will also be your

unique USB recording microphone.

lavalier lapel microphone
Let's take a look at its parameters: If you still want to use it to record songs, no problem, I'm

sure this USB vocal microphone will be the best companion on your musical journey. You

must be thinking a microphone with such a powerful function is going to be expensive, and if

you think so, you're wrong. This AU-A04 USB condenser microphone is absolutely personal

at a price of $63.99. The AU-A04 USB YouTube microphone is a great value for money

compared to the $600 USB microphone in the market.


Microphone-core: Dia.16mm Condenser

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Frequency Response: 30Hz-16kHz

Sampling Rate: 192kHz/24bit

Sensitive: -38dB-/-3dB (0dB-1V/Pa at 1kHz)


This is a USB condenser microphone with a USB port, USB port allows us to reduce a lot of

trouble while using them, it can be plugged directly into our computer for direct used. High

sensitivity and ease of operation are the main selling points of the AU-A04 USB vocal


 xlr lavalier microphone

If you're also live streaming on YouTube, it's going to be a great USB YouTube microphone.

If the AU-A04 USB vocal microphone doesn't meet your requirements, take a look at the AU-

A04TC USB microphone kit.


This kit is an upgrade to the AU-A04, adding a silver-white aluminum box and base to the

original, a user-friendly design that allows us to transform the recording scene.


What is the most important thing when choosing a microphone? No matter which Facebook

group or meeting you go to, the question is always asked, "How can I make my podcast


"The answer is always simple. "

Make great content! It's not just about USB recording microphone, it's not just about the

mixer, nor about the website...

It's all, and it's just about creating great things.

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Tina on

I bought this microphone to begin my YouTube journey, and I will admit, the price to quality ratio is a fine line.This thing sounds absolutely amazing!

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