Use a lavaliere mic with a TRRS cable

Use a lavaliere mic with a TRRS cable

Camera gear is dear and high-quality microphones is similarly.My weapon of alternative for

our new system is the Maono AU-402 lavaliere mic.It’s a good sounding simple to cover in

wear mic.


Wouldn’t it's nice if you may use a Maono AU-402 or alternative mics wired with connectors

for a Sennheiser or Electronic transmitter with an honest previous cable?

 lavalier microphone

With an easy adapter, I’m able to use a similar john mic with a TRRS cable, and the phantom

power it wants is additionally provided by the camera.I have a Maono AU-402 that's wired for

a Sennheiser with a 1/8 TRRS jack.


I take advantage of it with the Tascam DR-10L similarly creating it an awfully helpful john mic.

Sadly, the Sony wireless systems need a distinct wiring theme that stops ME from

victimization my Sanken lavs with it therefore I did get to purchase another product for it.

 lavalier microphone


I found a couple of choices that Maono AU-500.This one passes the phantom power from the supply.

The adapter additionally encompasses a 4-pole three.5 mm instrumentality that's optimized

for the usage with smartphone bumpers and alternative smartphone cases.I actually have

used this cable for a couple of months as a replacement, and it works well.


If you've got a job mic that you simply use with a pleasant system you'll be able to currently

adapt it to figure with an inflexible TRRS cable too.

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