What Mistakes To Avoid When Recording?

What Mistakes To Avoid When Recording?

1. Prepare a suitable recording device.

The choice of recording equipment depends on how high the requirements are. If you are

learning initially, you can use a computer, a mixer, a sound card, a microphone, a speaker,

and a recording software.


Of course, the use of better equipment will have higher requirements, a high-quality sound

card details more powerful, after all, good sound quality should start from the sound source.

2. Pay attention to environmental noise.

When recording, try to choose a quiet place, the sound insulation of the wall is very

important. If you accidentally enter the noise and want to solve it through post-processing,

this is a very troublesome thing. The audio can be modified in the later stages, but the result

of the modification depends on the quality of the original audio.


3. Pay attention to the placement of the microphone.

When recording, there must be a certain distance between the mouth and the microphone. If

it is too close, it is easy to hear the breathing sound. If the sound recorded too far is not clear,

the effect is not obvious. Using a noise-proof net is the best way.




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