What Sound Sources Are Commonly Used In Sound Systems?

What Sound Sources Are Commonly Used In Sound Systems?

1. Playback pickup:

A sound source stored in a storage medium after being collected by a microphone. For

example tape, radio, DVD, CD, SD card, MP3, MP4, computer, mobile phone, tablet, and

other equipment.


2. On-site pickup:

Pick up the sound through the microphone.Common audio source carriers include a CD

(small compact discs), cassette tapes, LP (compact discs), etc. Now, more advanced new

carriers such as DVD-1 (audio DVD) and SACD (Super Audio CD) have appeared.

In the above carrier, the tape can be repeatedly recorded and recorded, that is, the user can

change the content on the tape, and the information of the other carriers is once filled in by

the factory and cannot be changed.


Of course, with the increasing popularity of computers, CD-R/CD-RW discs, which were

originally designed for the computer industry, are gradually entering the audio field.


CD-R/CD-RW can record messages by themselves, unlike CDs, which only have factory-

produced recording finished products.



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