Which Maono PM series podcast microphone kit should I get?

Which Maono PM series podcast microphone kit should I get?

PM series podcast microphone kit has been very popular in the recently. It is loved by our

customers for its cardioid polar pattern, professional sound process chip-set and good



We have been adding several new functions to meet the different needs of customers in the

past few years. But our customers very confused about those three microphone kits that they

don’t know which one is more suitable for themselves.


So this article will help you to deal with your confusion when you select the product, hoping it

can help you to choose the suitable one.


Every kit comes with our highly rated 16mm cardioid condenser microphone, a table clamp, a

pop filter, a shock mount, a windscreen cap, a USB cable. And the difference is the function

key they came with.

 USB microphone kit


  • Microphone-core: dia.16mm condenser
  • Polar Pattern: cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -38dB+/-3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
  • Bit Depth: 24 bit
  • Sample Rate: Up to 192 kHz
  • S/N Ratio: 74db
  • Power Requirements: USB (5V DC)
  • USB Cable: USB A to B, Length 98.4 in


The following are the details about of all PM series microphone kit:

SKU: PM420

What you get: 16mm condenser microphone+ table clamp+ pop filter+ shock mount+

windscreen cap+ USB cable


Purchase link:



This PM420 is a professional microphone kit for podcasters, easy to set up. It is suitable

especially for podcasting, recording, broadcasting, meeting, and gaming.

 usb microphone kit

SKU: PM421

Purchase link:



This PM421 one have two new functions, touch-key mute and mic gain switch. One-touch

mute or unmute your microphone, and the built-in LED Indicator lights to tell you the working

status. The microphone gain adjust knob will help you quickly adjust the sensitivity of mic. It

is very useful for gaming, streaming, vlogging, music recording.

 usb microphone kit

SKU: PM422

Purchase link:



This product allows you to monitor the microphone input in real-time. And its with cardioid

polar pattern design to reduce pick up of sounds from the sides, improving the isolation of

desired sound source, making a clearer and more realistic sound. 3.5mm headphone jack for

zero-latency monitoring!


Perfect for live streaming, music or video recording, YouTube, Google voice search and

desktop recording.

usb microphone kit

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