Yobe Uses AI And Microphones To Isolate Sounds In A Crowd

Yobe Uses AI And Microphones To Isolate Sounds In A Crowd

Smart assistants and voice-enabled speakers are now more popular than ever. According to

Voicebot.ai, about 47.3 million American adults can use smart speakers, and more than half

of smartphone users (52%) say they use voice assistants on mobile devices.


But popularity does not necessarily translate into accuracy. Anyone who tries to get the

attention of Cortana or Alexa at a party can tell you that when they isolate the voice from the

crowd, they are not exactly ace.


Yobe, based in Boston, Massachusetts, claims it can make assistants a better listener. The

startup was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and raised nearly $2

million in seed funding from Clique Capital Partners and the National Science Foundation



Today, the Voice Recognition System (VISPR) for user profile retrieval was launched. 

"smart", can identify, track and separate sounds in noisy environments. It claims that artificial

intelligence (AI) allows its software stack to accurately track speech in"any auditory





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