A crazy shopping trip

A crazy shopping trip

If there is anything that can make a woman lose her mind, I think that in addition to shopping,

I can't think of a second word anymore. Yesterday I was really aware of the extent to which

women can go crazy for clothes.


If it wasn’t for me, I might not believe it, but I can tell you with affirmation after yesterday. A

woman is a creature that is irrational in the face of clothes.


Yesterday, my good friend came to me to play. Originally, we said that we would go out and

find a bookstore to read books, and chat, but my friend thought about buying autumn clothes.


So, in the end, we decided not to go to the bookstore, go shopping and buy clothes. At first, I

thought that we would not succeed in buying the clothes we like, because I had just seen it in

the mall not long ago, and there was no good-looking clothes.


At first, we looked at the first floor and thought that the clothes here seemed a bit expensive,

and I couldn’t afford the salary for the two of me. So I went to the second floor to see, and on

the second floor we went in.


There are a few shops that feel right for us, but the clothes inside do not cause the urge that

my friend wants to buy.


Just as we were going to go back, I suddenly found out that there was a feeling that the shop

decoration was not bad, and it looked quite good. With the mentality of strolling around, I

went in. I just went in, and the well-trained clerk smiled and greeted us with a warm smile.

We cater to the enthusiasm of the shopping guide, and choose whether there is any clothing

that suits you.


Originally, my friend was planning to buy two sets of autumn clothes, but because the

shopping guide we met was really too collocation, my friends who were outfitted with the

clothes were particularly excited.


I remember that when my friend tried the clothes, the shopping guide could accurately see

what size clothes we are suitable for, and recommended how we matched it to look good.


Therefore, when my friends try on those clothes, the feelings are particularly suitable, very

temperament, just like tailor-made, mainly because this style is especially suitable for my

friends, this is undeniable.


In the fitting room, my friend was particularly excited to take my hand and said: What to do, I

like it very much, I feel very suitable for me, I want to buy them all home. How to do how to



I said: I like to buy it. After all, I don’t have much clothes I like so much. If I feel that I can

afford it, buy it, and I won’t buy clothes in the fall. Some things have met the best, and then

we will not be there anymore, and we don’t want to do it anymore. So, if you like to buy it,

after all, it is suitable for you.


Later, my friend really didn't want to try again because she was afraid she couldn't control

herself. So, when she changed her clothes, she grabbed the hand of the shopping guide with

one hand and said: the clothes you recommended today are really too good for me, but you

really can't recommend me anymore.I am afraid that when I can't help but tempted to buy

all the clothes, I want to save some money to eat lunch?


Finally, my friends bought three sets of clothes and walked out of the store with a happy

mood. Carrying heavy clothes in his hand, he walked downstairs with a dance. This is the

first time we have been shopping together in the mall. How can we record the feelings of this



So, I took out the newly purchased AU-100 microphone from the bag and told me to my

friend: Do you have anything to say about today's shopping? This is a very noteworthy

moment. Don't miss this opportunity.


The Maono brand AU-100 is specially designed for out-of-towns. This product is a product

that we consider that most people will choose small and space-free products during the

game, and they will not have weight.


The burden on the user, our designers spent a lot of time designing this product, through the

layer selection in the material selection and shape design, and finally we designed this small

and simple microphone, which is convenient for users to carry around. There will be no

sense of weight.


Moreover, when we go out to play, we all want to take some pictures and record them, but

other recording devices such as mobile phones cannot fully capture the sounds that are sent

around us. But this microphone is OK, it is a omnidirectional condenser microphone, the

pickup effect is particularly good, can capture any sound that happened to us, and restore it.


So, what are you waiting for?

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