Being close to you is the bravest thing I've ever done

Being close to you is the bravest thing I've ever done

What is it like to like a person? Some people say that if you like someone, your world will

become colorful. Some people also say that they like a person because of his taste. So, like,

what is it?


At the age of 16, I thought that to like it was to drink his favorite soda, watch his favorite

movies and like the same football star. At that time, I thought, this is like.


At the age of eighteen, I thought that if I liked it, I would not do it. You would teach me. If I

didn't like coriander, you would help me eat it. At that time, I thought, this is like.

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Twenty two years old, has passed the period of green and ignorant, for what is like seems to

have some of their own ideas. At this time, I think that liking is similar to each other in three

aspects. I feel comfortable when I stay with each other.


At the same time, I respect each other's ideas and will not force each other to do something

that I don't like to do.


After thinking about so many conjectures about love, it seems that it's just one person's

fantasy about another person.

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They say they like to show inferiority in boys and bravery in girls.


Until one day, I seem to understand what is like. Because, I seem to like someone.


At first, I'm not sure, because I think it's incredible, why do I like him? Obviously, he doesn't

meet my expectation for my future boyfriend, but it seems that I just like him.


Why do I think I like her? It's because I find myself doing something that I think is incredible. I

found that I would constantly search for articles about the relationship between men and

women on the Internet.


Before that, I would never pay attention to the articles in this field, and his face would

constantly emerge in my mind. Every time I opened the chat record, I could not help but turn

it over. Moreover, I always try to find a way to chat with him, but I don't know what topic to

talk about, so I didn't start.

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Recently, I overheard that he likes to sing with a microphone at home. So, in order to be able

to have further communication with him, during the rest time, my heart rate accelerated but

pretended to calm down to ask him.


"Xiao Lin, what brand of microphone do you use? There are several broken microphones in

my house, but none of them are easy to use. I saw the news you shared yesterday, and I

know that you are also a singer, so I want to come over and ask about it."

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"Me? I use the AU-903 of maono brand. If you want to buy a microphone recently, I suggest

you buy this one, because I have used this microphone for a long time and it is not bad. The

sound quality is still as good as before. I recommend you buy this one. "


Later, we had a lot of communication with each other because of this. So with the following

series of stories, you like it because you will do something you have never done before.

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