Campus love adventure

Campus love adventure

After class, the campus is often full of vitality, the school road full of people, the bustling food

street, everything is full of youth.


Just out of the library, I felt my head was a little swollen and uncomfortable, so I went to the

playground for a stroll to breathe fresh air and relax my tense brain for a day.


There are a lot of people running in the playground at night, but some of them are really here

to run, some of them just come to pretend. If you want to identify people who are serious

runners, they are not.


Then you just need to take a serious look at their clothes. On the playground, you will see

that serious runners are basically wearing loose clothes or sportswear. Others, though they

seem to be running, wear canvas shoes, tights and jeans.


At first glance, this is not the person who comes to exercise seriously, because their clothes

are not conducive to exercise at all, on the contrary, they only hinder our body's stretching,

so do you think they come to exercise seriously?


In autumn, the wind blows a little cold at night, and the air is mixed with the fragrance of

grass, which is very comfortable.


I was sitting on the flag raising platform beside me, watching this group of people running on

the playground with curiosity. Suddenly, an idea flashed through my mind. Why not video this

interesting discovery? This kind of video is put on our school's post bar. It should have a high

click rate.


Later, at that time, I immediately got up and ran to the dormitory to pick up my CM10s

microphone, put the mobile phone on it, and then took my shooting equipment and ran to the

playground to secretly follow the runners.


At the beginning, everything was very smooth, and it would not be said that someone would

not let the shooting happen. In fact, the biggest reason is that they didn't know that I was

filming them, they thought I was recording videos by myself! But, life still can't be too proud,

just finished the words on the instant face.


I can see that the girl who is only ten meters away from me in front of me should belong to

the kind of girl who wants to run because of too much pressure. How can I let go of such a

person when I finally meet him?


So, I secretly took my CM10s microphone and pretended to pass by her, and when I passed

by, I purposely pointed the camera of my cell phone at the girl's face, because I wanted to

record the expression of angry runners. I thought it was such a smooth end, but I never

thought I would have a bad day.


At that time, when I was just about to slowly recycle my microphone, I fell in front of the girl at

my feet, and this was not the worst. The worst thing was that the girl saw the content in my

mobile phone, and it happened to be the clip that was shot to her.


At that time, I was thinking: oh, what if she killed me? Should I get up? Or continue to lie on

the ground? Finally think, forget it, or stand up, die, anyway, things have been like this.


I stood up quickly, just wanted to say sorry, the girl smiled and said to me: how do you make

me so ugly, am I so ugly? How can I answer such an awkward question? At that time, ten

thousand answers floated in my mind, but at last only one sentence came out of my mouth:

shaking hands!


Ever since that night when I returned, the girl's face has been in my mind, especially when

she asked me seriously, "am I so ugly?"


When she said this, she had an expression of aloofness, and her eyes were very clear, just

like the eyes of a newborn child. When I met her, I felt like my life was becoming more

interesting. It was no longer just learning in my mind. I found that I would start to sit in a daze

for no reason.


When I thought of her expression that night, my mouth would rise unconsciously. Sometimes

in class, my thoughts will float out of the window, imagine what she is doing at this time?


Because I didn't fall in love, I didn't know why I did it at first. Later, it was my roommate who

found out that I was not in a good condition these days and thought that something had

happened to me.


So, I told my roommate all about what happened to me when I met that girl. After hearing

what I said, my roommate sat there and laughed and said, "you fell in love with other people.

When you got lovesickness, you didn't even know it. It's really funny. I didn't expect that

pedant could not understand it, hahahaha."


An awkward face...


After such an analysis of roommates, I think I am in love. So, I decided that I would tell that

girl. But now the question is, with such a big school, I only have a black video. Can I find her?


Although there are many people in the school, I believe that as long as I look hard, she will

be found by me one day. So, in the next few months, I began in the vast sea of people

constantly looking for the face of night thinking.


Just as I was struggling to find no progress, I came to the track of the playground again. I

was standing at the place where we met, holding my microphone in my hand. Everything is

exactly the same as that night, but if it's nice to be standing opposite you.


When I stood there and watched the video over and over again, a familiar voice came into

my mind.


"Hello, classmate, please excuse me"

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