Campus violence - are Juveniles still saved?

Campus violence - are Juveniles still saved?

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.


Recently, I am reading a book about campus violence. The heroine in the book is a high

school student. She is weak, low-key and has good grades. But her parents divorced and her

mother has been away for a long time, which makes her not very good at communicating

with others since childhood. But because of this, she was bullied by other students at school.


At first, she would choose to stay away from those people as far as possible, but sometimes

that's the case. Although you want to stay away from some people, they will appear in front

of you, because you are stared at by those people.


Once, I cried when I saw the heroine being bullied by those gangsters. Because I thought I

had the similar experience: I remember that I was on the way home from school one day,

when I was very happy to walk home that day, when I was passing a corner of the street, I

was suddenly dragged into a corner by those people in my class who are always looking for

my fault, they would always bother me, and I don't know where I got offended They.

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They started punching me and throwing everything out of my bag. They laughed and threw

out the books in their schoolbag. I kept yelling at them not to do this. I could give them

anything, but they didn't pay attention to my howling. Until they took a microphone out of my

bag, my roar became louder, but the louder I shouted, the happier they were.


As they shook the microphone in front of me, they said, "who are you going to give such a

valuable thing to?"? It's not a gift for my boyfriend! "


I was struggling to imprison my hand and cried to them for mercy and said, "please, can I not

smash this? I can give you anything you want, but can I leave this to me?"


They didn't hear me at all, just thought that the more I care about things, the harder they hit,

so I watched the microphone smashed in front of me.

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At that time, I was thinking about the microphone that I had saved for several months to buy.

Because my boyfriend likes singing, I was going to give it to my boyfriend tonight. This is the

latest 902 of maono, which is the most suitable for him as his birthday gift. However, at that

time, I could only watch the microphone being smashed to the ground, and I could do



When I read this book, it reminds me of that bad experience. At that time, I will think why it is

me, why I have to suffer those campus violence, why I have to suffer those things, why the

law does not punish them?


At that time, I really hated those people, those who committed campus violence against me.

But when I grew up, I gradually learned to be tolerant of others, and I also gradually learned

that the perpetrators are poor people. We can't lose hope in society, and we can't just blame

law enforcers. As the book says, we adults have the responsibility to build their society,

school and family.

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For campus violence, we may have been victims, but we may also become the current

indirect perpetrators. Since we all know the harm of campus violence more or less, what can

we do as adults?


I think we should do our best to fulfill our own responsibilities. To be responsible for your

children is to be responsible for every child around us.


I believe that love can overcome campus violence and return a good campus life to children.

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