Christmas is coming. Is someone in your side?

Christmas is coming. Is someone in your side?

Two days ago, I chatted with my friend, and she shared with me a sentence of special fire

she saw in trembling sound. The sentence is as follows: you came with winter, it's so nice!

When I see this sentence, I feel that the person who can write this sentence must be very

warm in his heart. Otherwise, how can he write such a warm sentence?


Winter is a season that makes people feel lonely easily. In this cold season, if someone can

accompany you, it will be very warm. When I was a child, the last thing I liked was winter,

because it was very cold and I couldn't go out to play. I had to stay at home every day, and I

had to wear a lot of thick clothes. The whole person was like a ball, without any beauty.

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But if there is anything else I can feel a little happy about in winter, it should be Christmas.

Every winter I am looking forward to the arrival of Christmas, because at Christmas our

children will get a lot of gifts and delicious food, and in this festival, adults will also become

special kind, at least not blame children on the day of the festival, so on that day, children

can do whatever they want.


Now I have grown up and started to work. I gradually don't hate winter so much, but I still like

Christmas a lot. Christmas is two weeks away. Last night when I left work, I asked Luna,

"Christmas is coming. What Christmas present do you want? I'll buy it for you?"


Luna looked at me speechless and said, "did you give someone a gift like this? Isn't it usually

about secretly observing what the other party needs? There is no sincerity in asking people

what they want directly like you. "

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After listening to what she said, I think it makes sense, so I'll take a good look at what she

needs recently.


Later, through my observation over the past week, I found that Luna was worried about her

video recently. No wonder I saw her with a worried face recently. Every time I asked her if

she had any problems at work, she told me that she was OK. But how could she be OK like

that? So I asked one of her colleagues, who told me: "


Luna needs to use a maono brand AU-903 microphone as props when shooting videos

recently, but that microphone was sold short just a week ago. But that prop is the most

important part of the whole video, so she's been worrying about where to find the same

microphone. "

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If you know the root cause, it's good to prescribe the right medicine. I was thinking, isn't it just

a microphone? I happen to have a friend who specializes in collecting microphones. It

shouldn't be difficult for me to ask him to help me buy a microphone. Then I will give it to her

as a Christmas gift. She said I don't care about her.


Christmas is coming. I hope you can care more about the people around you, because it will

be more warm in winter with their company.

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