Winter in Europe is a bit awkward season for me. I've seen the aurora in the Arctic Circle, so

I feel cold in the north again. By the way, it seems that I'm not interested in waking up in the

morning, having a breakfast and watching the sunset.


My favorite Holland is a place full of evil wind and rain. When I go out, I need to shrink my

neck and ride a bike. This scene is really not related to travel or leisure. So, to the south.

Italy, Iberia and Greece don't seem to be close enough to the south.


The cold current in the north can easily hit. Just like two years ago, they went down to Amalfi.

They thought that it was close enough to the south. They didn't want bikini full of sand, but at

least they had the courage to taste a cup of coffee in the open air.

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Originally, I booked an airbnb with excellent scenery at the top of the mountain, and I thought

that I could take my AU-CM10s to shoot some beautiful scenery at the top of the mountain.

As a result, the landlord told me half a day in advance that the rare cold current came to visit

and the way up the mountain was snowed.


So, with fingers pointing further south on the map, the island countries of the Mediterranean

became the last choice. The progress and transition of civilization that I felt in the Greek

island transfer a few years ago are still fresh in my mind, so Cyprus, a small island

sandwiched between Greece and Turkey, or between Europe and Asia, has become the

place I am most interested in in the European winter.


The birth of Venus, a famous work by Italian painter Botticelli, is one of my favorite works of

art. In the Uffizi Museum in Florence, I was deeply moved by the delicate strokes and gentle

colors before this tempera painting.

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In Botticelli's painting, Venus stands on the shell with a tall and beautiful figure, which means

that she was born in the sea. In the legend, Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite (Venus), the

goddess of love and beauty.


The most convenient way to travel in Cyprus is self-driving. The Chinese driver's license can

also be used, but it should be noted that since it was colonized by Britain for a long time, the

roads here are all on the left, so the steering wheel is on the right side of the car.


During the tour around the island in Cyprus, many roads are built along the coast, so it is

much more comfortable to drive with the sea all the way.


On the way to Pafos, a famous city in the island, the highway 2 leads to an ergodic rock

rising in the billowing sea. It is said that Venus was born in the foam on the side of the rock.

In the east of aynapa, there are beautiful and spectacular sea caves, attracting many diving



There is no doubt that the sea has been the most important protagonist in Cyprus since then.

The climate, crops, people's diet, urban planning and construction are all closely linked with

the sea.

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First of all, let's talk about the geographical location of Cyprus. This small country is located

in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Its neighbors across the sea are Greece, Turkey,

Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt and Libya. Well, it's a little unfair to say that small countries

with bullets are the third largest island in the Mediterranean.


Its unique geographical location has created different cultural features in Cyprus. From

ancient times to now, the island has been ruled or colonized by Assyria, Egypt, Persia, Arab

Empire, Venice, Osman, Britain, Christianity and Islam.


The cultural relics all over the island, such as amphitheaters, Greek columns, ancient

fortresses along the coast, mosaic paintings, Venetian stone columns, and Byzantine

churches, are telling me that Cyprus is the melting pot of Mediterranean civilization.

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