Day 1 Athens

Day 1 Athens

Shanghai --Athens transportation: Russian Airlines 1:40-12:35

Itinerary: visit Acropolis and Praka

Tip: it is suggested that people who want to go to the Acropolis to take pictures should try to 

go in the morning. In the afternoon, many buildings are basically backlight, including the

most  famous Parthenon temple.


At 12:30 p.m. on May 18, air Russia's plane landed steadily at Athens Airport. Aegean Sea,

the Aegean Sea of my heart, I finally come to see you. After leaving the airport, we quickly

found the bus x95 to the Constitution Square, which costs 5 Euro per person.

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Remember to find the ticket machine in the back to make a ticket, and take a civilized bus.

When I first arrived in Greece, I was so excited that I had to take a picture of my ticket.


X95 is about 50 minutes long. It's very punctual. After getting off the bus, I quickly found Niki

hotel located on Niki street. I left my luggage and didn't have time to rest. Then I rushed to

the Acropolis, because we only stayed in Athens for half a day.


Maybe many people will wonder why we only stay in Athens for half a day. I decided to add

Mi Dao to the trip temporarily because of the fickleness. The price was to shorten the two-

day trip to half a day. I'm a layman. I prefer the latter between historical sites and fairytale


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[introduction to scenic spots]

Acropolis is the most outstanding building complex in Greece. It was built in the 5th century

BC. It is a comprehensive public building and a religious and political center. The Acropolis

covers an area of about 4 square kilometers. It is located on the Acropolis hill in the center of

Athens. It was built in 580 BC.


The earliest buildings in the Acropolis are the temple of Athena and other religious buildings.

Acropolis of Athens, also known as Acropolis of Athens, is called "Acropolis" in Greek, which

originally means "city on high" or "city-state on high hill". 


Admission: 12 euros for package ticket and 6 euros for half ticket, including ancient market,

Roman market, Dionysus theater and Zeus temple. Offer: free every Sunday in winter. EU

students and tourists under the age of 19 are free. National holidays and designated holidays

are free, with specific dates of March 25, October 28, March 6, April 18, May 18 and June 5,

and the last weekend in September

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Opening hours of the Acropolis: April October 8:00-19:00 November to March 8:00-17:00 the

next year (the specific opening time shall be subject to the sign at the door)


Arrival method: under the Metro red line Acropoli station, children's shoes near the

Constitution Square can be directly walked to.


Just in time for the free day of May 18, we saved 24 Euro tickets. Many people say that the

Acropolis often closes at 3 p.m. how lucky we are. Not only did we catch up with the free

gate, but we didn't see any sign of the gate until 7 p.m. there was no sense of crowd in the

Acropolis on the free day.


It's a pity that I went there in the afternoon to shoot the Parthenon temple against the light.

It's very ugly to shoot it with AU-CM10s. It's a great pity that I didn't shoot a perfect video of

the Parthenon temple.


Forgive me for taking only 2 hours to visit this historic site which has accumulated for

thousands of years.


After leaving the Acropolis, although it was seven o'clock in the evening, the sun was still

high in the sky, walking around and finding that the houses of ordinary residents in this area

were so small and fresh. Did I go to Santorini in advance?


I envy the local people's life. Three or two friends put a table of vegetables, gather in the

courtyard, drink and chat for an afternoon.


The cats here are all in groups.

In the past, travel always spent too much time on the road. After visiting a scenic spot, you

rush to the next destination in a hurry. But this trip prefers to sit and waste time like this. Is it

called doing as the Romans do?

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It was getting dark and began to look for our dinner. I wandered to the block of praka and

saw taverna Plaka restorent recommended by my predecessors. It's said that the macaroni

in his family tastes good. It's very common to order one. It's not recommended.


When it comes to eating, I have to mention pita, a famous fast food in Greece. It's a kind of

Mexican chicken roll, which is wrapped with chicken, beef or pork and various vegetables.

The price is generally about 2 euro. You can buy it everywhere. One is absolutely full, and it

tastes good, which is more in line with Chinese taste.


At night, praka was very busy. We bought 4 Euro kilos of cherries, ate the most delicious ice

cream on the trip to Greece (forgive me for not remembering the store name, the place

should be on Hadrian Street), drank a sweet cocktail, and began to get drunk.


On the way back to the hotel, we saw this lazy dog lying on the street. We totally ignored the

passers-by and looked after ourselves Lie on your own.On the whole, the first day of the trip

felt good, but the most expected was Santorini the next day.

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