Day 3---Turkey

Day 3---Turkey

Great bazaar - old palace - Channel - highest view of Jingshan - New Palace - independent



Istanbul's old city area is small, so you can walk there. But notice that if it's too early, many

stores are not open, which is a little empty.


However, because I want to take some pictures of Istanbul morning scenery, I went out alone

with my AU-CM10s. Istanbul in the morning is shrouded in a tranquility, like a sleeping child.

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The people of great bazaar are very enthusiastic. When tourists want to see the goods, the

shop owners are so enthusiastic that they can't come over and say it's not easy for them to

do business.


The goods are his efforts. You bring him luck and so on... Later, if we don't buy them, we

almost dare not stay.


There are only a few stores, carpet, shawl, porcelain, lamp, gold shop, jewelry, spices and all

kinds of low imitation luxury goods. Then I bought a pair of pure silver earrings.

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Google map takes us along a path with few people. What's most worth seeing in the old

palace is all kinds of exquisite cultural relics, but most of them can't be photographed.


If the previous ancient buildings don't move you, then this sea will move you 100%. Here is a

very wonderful experience in the world, one side is Asia, the other side is Europe.


At this time, I suddenly feel sorry that I didn't bring my AU-CM10s. If I don't forget to bring it, I

will definitely record this beautiful scenery.

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You can see the scenery on both sides of the river on the cruise ship, and there will be

commentators to explain it in detail. Although the sea is very blue, the effect of the photos will

be better.


This mountain is the highest scenic spot in the city, but it may not have any beautiful scenery

because of the fog on that day.


The tram went there and finally took a tram. It's very retro. Notice that the tram stops are very

fast. It's like you're crossing a modern city.

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I didn't expect the new palace to be the most exquisite and luxurious building in Istanbul. The

architectural style is more influenced by Europe. Most of the interior is made of gold and

silver or high-grade marble. You must be very careful in your daily life. I'm willing to share the

pain for them.


But it's not allowed to take photos indoors, so put some outdoor plants.When it comes to

independence street, most people think it's a symbol of modern Istanbul.


There are shops on the side of the street. There are railway tracks in the middle of the road.

Trams can pass. There are many people.

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