Day 2 Athens

Day 2 Athens

The next day when I opened my eyes, it was already 10 a.m., and I could not help laughing

at the beautiful image of the Acropolis under the sunshine outside my window.


At noon, at the invitation of the old colleagues of the original company, I went to the rich area

of Athens, and the grifada area in the south to taste Greek food.


As soon as the whole area changes the noise and noise of the old urban area, it is very quiet

and private.

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It is said that this place is basically a resort for local elites in Europe, so there are few

tourists, but the scenery is very charming.


Walking along the Aegean coast, taking the AU-CM10s of maono and taking photos on the

road, I watched the yacht docks, big and small, live next to each other, which is different from

the luxury and luxury residential area in my imagination. Here, the White House of Greek

style continues, comfortable but not high-profile.


It is highly recommended that this restaurant near the yacht wharf, the varoulko seaside

restaurant, has won the honor of Michelin 2 stars for many years.


It mainly focuses on seafood, mainly made in Greece, and keeps the fresh and refreshing


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Especially its home-made olive oil, the color is bright, the taste is sweet, even if it is dipped in

bread to eat are full of aftertaste!


Moreover, compared with other European countries, the Michelin restaurant in Athens is

really cost-effective and can enjoy the beautiful Aegean Sea while eating.


Value for money

The combination of goat cheese and shredded squid is really rich in layers.The integration of

four kinds of sauces will not rob the delicious fish. It's very good.The rectification meal took

more than 3 hours unconsciously, each mouthful was tasted carefully, and the wine made in

Greece was also very mellow.


This restaurant is amazing and impeccable. I sincerely recommend it.After eating, you can

walk slowly along the seaside avenue towards the mountain to see the beauty of the whole


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Every house is set off with Greek blue and white, which is very tasty. It only takes about 20

minutes to walk to the mountain view scenic spot. Because the buildings in Athens are

limited in height, it will not affect the view of the Aegean Sea.


Against the background of the white and blue house, the Aegean Sea has more charm.


Standing in the middle of the mountain and looking at the panorama and leisurely people of

the bay area, it's really beautiful.


One day's tour in the thick holiday atmosphere spent, tomorrow will start my most yearning

for the cultural heritage trip!

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