Day 2----Cyprus

Day 2----Cyprus

I have a personal travel goal every year, which is to go to at least three new countries and

record it with AU-CM10s. But this year, because of my work, I only went to one in Cyprus, but

sometimes I comforted myself by going to two. Cyprus is divided into South and North

Cyprus by a long and narrow United Nations buffer zone.


On February 19, 1959, the "Zurich London Agreement" was signed with Britain, Greece and

Turkey. One year later, the Republic of Cyprus was established. After the independence of

Cyprus, the Greek and Turkish communities did not get on well with each other, and the

religious opposition led to the constant conflict between the two sides.

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After 1974, the Turkish controlled by Turkey announced the establishment of "Turkish state

of Cyprus" and "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" in 1975 and 1983, forming the division

of Cyprus that has continued to this day.


At present, the government of Cyprus is actually under Greek control, and it is also an official

government recognized by the international community. The "Turkish Republic of Northern

Cyprus" is only recognized by Turkey.


Beside the ledras checkpoint, a wall painting with "peace" written on a bench


For Nicosia, the capital, Greenline divides the city into two parts, making it the only divided

capital after the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Berlin. Although several

checkpoints have been opened since 2008, the two sides of the dividing line are quite


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Driving into Nicosia is not a particularly good choice, because often driving along a street,

you will encounter a dividing line and have to choose another road. There are places worth

visiting on both sides of Nicosia.


Lidra street in the old urban area is the most prosperous area in Nicosia. There are many

shops and restaurants, both local people and tourists, and the most famous checkpoint is on

this street.


From the south to the north, you need to go to the pavilion on your side to exit the customs,

and then to the other end to enter the customs. Both sides will check their passports and ask

some simple questions, but you don't need to worry about it. It's basically OK.


Previously, it was said that a single page with the northern entry seal would be given

separately, but now this step has been saved.


Once in the north, the streets and buildings are in a lot of dilapidation, and the density of

people on the road is much less. Even the first night I went in was a little late, and the bleak

scene was a little scary. However, there are more historical sites and buildings on the north

side, such as the majestic selimier mosque.


The Gothic church, originally known as St. Sophia, was built in 1209 and has been repaired

for 118 years. It was a representative orthodox church with the same name as St. Sophia's

Cathedral in Istanbul.


Unfortunately, after Ottoman occupied the city in 1570, hedestroyed all the internal orthodox

iconographic murals, sculptures and colored glass windows, and in 1954 changed his name

to selimier mosque.

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Buyou Khan Hotel, formerly a place for the rest of the princes and nobles who went to the

Selimiye mosque for worship. Now it's more like a big market with lots of souvenir shops and

restaurants that look good.


Because the Buyou Khan Hotel has not been damaged, so the whole building is very

complete, you may as well come up with a cup of black tea in the middle square, quietly feel

the blend of history and modern.

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