Everyone who has a dream will shine

Everyone who has a dream will shine

I remember someone saying that if one day I don't have a dream, it's better to let me die.

Because a life without goals is no different from walking dead.


Yes, if there is no dream, how can we spend such a long time? There is a saying in the little

prince that I like very much: the time you spend on your rose makes your rose so important.

Yes, how happy it would be if you had something you particularly like and spent time trying to

reach that goal.

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Last night, when I was eating out at night with my colleagues, I suddenly saw a girl who

looked like a student nearby selling songs. At that time, it was already eleven o'clock in the



There were people eating at night all around. The guests at the table in front of him ordered

several songs in succession, and they were very happy to listen.


Looking at the girl with an electric guitar on her back, a maono brand lavalier microphone on

her collar, and a big mobile sound beside her, she can also be indifferent to the teasing of the

guests. It's not the first person to come out.

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In this city of Shenzhen, it seems that everyone is trying to prove something. Every day, they

are in a hurry. They don't know whether they are going to dream or live in front of them. I

walk through the subway every day, as if I haven't met anyone with a dream for a long time.


So when I saw where the little girl was singing, I was thinking: what a wonderful thing it is to

be able to do what she likes and make money with it. Moreover, it is also a very happy thing

to have a goal for which we can constantly strive.


Because, in this city, many people have forgotten their original dreams. It seems that

everyone is forgetting their dreams in order to live hard. Maybe, it can't be called forgetting,

but many people are busy fighting with life. After all, many people can't even care about life.

There is no dream left.

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At that time, I looked at the girl and said to my colleagues, "it's nice to be a person with a

dream. What's your dream?" My colleague looked at the salted fish he had just eaten and

said to me: "dream, I have no dream, I am a salted fish. What about you? What are your

dreams? "


I said to him thoughtfully, "my dream? My dream now is to get into graduate school and do

what I like. I don't know if it's a dream, but it's my goal in recent years. I think I'm a person

who can't do without goals. I think if I don't have goals, then I will feel my life is very boring.

So, whether it's a dream or not, that's what I want to keep getting closer to. "


I like those who know what they like. Although sometimes they can't be understood by

others, and even sometimes they will be hit, even if they do, they will never give up their



Even if there is no one in the world to support them, they will stick to it silently.Although the

process is very difficult, as dreamers, they are the most shining stars in the world.


Dreams are like a person's Polaris, guiding you to move forward, so that you don't lose your


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