Good times that are wasted together

Good times that are wasted together

                                             I put this kapok-scented postcard

                                                           into the mailbox

                                       and it will pass through the long latitude

                                                        and longitude lines

                         and pass through our midsummer light years to reach him.

                                              It will lithography our time into

                                                the trajectory of the rotation

                                          of the time machine, and put the

                                                         flowers of that

                                                     year into memories

                                              and collect them in our hearts.



If time is used to waste, why not go out and take a look at the outside world? The time when

a person comes to this world is basically fixed.


Whether you live a steady life or toss a lifetime, time is there, you don't leave, it won't stay

with you. Therefore, we are so hard to be born, why not go out and let others see?

 lavalier microphone

In the spirit of this world, to go out and let people look at the purpose, I and Lily decided to

stay on vacation. Go out and see the world. Well, let’s go and just pick a seaside and go

backpacking. In other words, this should be the most travelable trip ever.


At the beginning, we were very excited, because the heart that followed the feeling was

always very wave. So we kept this swaying heart and sat for a bus that didn't know how long

it took, and finally the heart was shaking a bit.


The lily sitting next to me has slowly slammed her head on the front armrest, and I also felt

that a restless guy in the stomach felt like he was going to move.

 lavalier microphone

Based on many experiences, in order to cope with the unexpected situation, I quickly

straightened my back and kept the head at a distance of 5 cm from the seat. The hands were

naturally flat and the feet were close to the seat at 90°.


Just like a primary school student sitting in class. Of course, in order to divert attention,

music is essential, but do you think that just listening to music is enough?


No! At this time, I have to adjust the volume of the phone to the highest level, because only

then will I forget that I am on the bus. Hahahaha, is it funny, isn’t it a motion sickness? It

seems like it is going to die.
lavalier microphone

However, when we were about to die, the car finally arrived. We still think that this

experience is enough once, and we don't want to go through the second time anymore, but

the reality is that we still have to take a bus to get to the beach.


To be honest, at the time we were in a state of collapse. At that time, I was thinking: Why am

I going to suffer such a crime, is it easy for others to see me?


It takes a lot of time and hurts the body. It’s really a thankless thing. What’s more, how do

you see me about others? Is it important? not at all! I am the most important, okay?


But after experiencing some ideological struggles, we decided to move on. After all, it’s all

here, we can’t give up halfway. But because the motion sickness is so powerful, we decided

to walk to the next stop and take a break.

 lavalier microphone

The sky in the sky was exceptionally blue, and the road washed by the rain became

extraordinarily bright. The sun was a bit dazzling. The uncle of the flower farmer who was

watering the flower garden was blinded by the glare of the sun. Only a towel was covered.

Cover some of the sunlight, then squint to water the flowers.


After all the hardships, we finally reached our destination. When I first saw the blue in front of

me, I felt that everything I suffered today was worth it.


The blue in front of me is matched with the white clouds hanging in the sky. At this time, I

have never imagined that there are many beautiful words that can describe it. At this

moment, I just want to enjoy the quietness of the blue sky and white clouds, and enjoy this

unique and wonderful time.

 lavalier microphone

It is said that the Maldives has the purest blue in the world, while Santorini has the blue

pigment-like blue from heaven, and the blue I see before this is beyond the reach of Maldives

and Santorini. Because it is the blue of my heart, it is unique in me.


The wind from the seaside slowly blew, and slowly raised my hair, the daughter of the sea

was in the proverb. Looking at the crowds laughing and laughing on the beach, our swaying

heart is again rising with the sea.


In order to have an intimate contact with the beach, we threw the backpack aside, untied the

laces and released our big feet. We barefooted, rubbed our shoes with both hands, and

walked slowly on the beach.


While walking and walking, I saw a few reefs not far away. We just rushed toward the reef

like a treasure, completely disregarding the image, and happiness is the most important. We

found a relatively flat reef and sat down to take a photo. After the filming, I said: I want to sit

here and blow the sea breeze, listen to the music and have a foot!

 lavalier microphone

Therefore, the next picture is like this: We hold the umbrella and face the sea breeze, and

put the foot on the reef full of shells and ruins, and endure the pain and enjoy the water. At

this time, the music in the phone is slowly floating, the years are quiet, but always feel that

something is missing!


Until Lily took out her recording artifact AU-200 from her bag and said: Life is so beautiful,

how can a microphone be missing?


The Maono brand AU-200 is specially designed for outbound travellers. This product is that

we consider that most people choose to travel lightly during the trip, so in order to reduce the

burden on the traveler, our designers are designing this.

The product took a lot of effort, and after a series of screenings, we finally designed this

small and simple microphone, which is convenient for travelers to carry around without any

weight bearing.


Moreover, when we go out to play, we all want to take some pictures and record them, but

other recording devices such as mobile phones cannot fully capture the sounds that are sent

around us.


But this microphone is OK, it is a omnidirectional condenser microphone, the pickup effect is

particularly good, can capture any sound that happened to us, and restore it.

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