How to balance your work  

How to balance your work  

Although the epidemic is still serious now, we must believe that this difficult time will always

pass, but after this epidemic, it may be that the online office will become the choice of more

and more entrepreneurs, and many first-tier cities。


Those who work may choose to return to second- and third-tier cities. Therefore, for how to

work from home more efficiently, Ren Xianghui, founder of Ming Daoyun, suggested that you

do the following:


1.Clear working hours

In general, many people are lazy at home, but if they are working from home, we must make

ourselves self-disciplined. We need to have strict regulations on the arrangement of office

hours. In fact, the benefits of working from home are many.


Office workers who have suffered from high rents in first-tier cities can save a lot of rent and

also spend more time with their families.


2.Clear work tasks

Remote work is for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of collaboration, and usually

requires a clearer structure for the assignment, reception and communication of work tasks,

which can be clarified once, and no decentralized communication is required.

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So everyone needs to have a clear goal for their work and know what their task is? Tasks

need to communicate with those people, when the task deadline is, and so on. These things

should be clear to every member.


Once the task is accepted and started, the communication about the task's progress, issues

and plans should be based on this written record. Through unified use of a task collaboration

platform, related communication content can be unified together.


3.Clear response and feedback time

The biggest disadvantage of telecommuting is that everyone has different working hours, so

the feedback time for tasks is different. Therefore, it may cause slow progress of the project,

so this requires us to determine in advance the working hours of everyone and the exact task

feedback. time.


Of course, the feedback and response are not always as fast as possible, but a reasonable

buffer time is given according to the nature of the work. Because there may be a lot of

cooperative relationship chains in an enterprise, this agreement should generally be carried

out from the bottom up, rather than uniformly stipulated at the company level.


4.Clear reporting mode

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what the content of the report is, what kind of method to

use for the report, and when the report is about. These are all things we need to inform in

advance, so that some employees prepare something in advance.


For example, we use the online presentation PPT mode to report, then we generally tell

everyone to prepare the PPT in advance, and some problems may be encountered during

the reporting process. For example, when someone reports a voice that is too low, other

people on the line cannot hear him at all.

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At this time, we will advise him to prepare a microphone that can increase the volume in

advance. Generally, we will recommend it. Flash's AU-902 microphone, because this is a

conference microphone that is particularly suitable for desktop meetings, not only can

increase your volume, but also help improve the overall conference effect.


Therefore, not only do we need to define the reporting mode, but we must also fully consider

the changes that will occur during the meeting.


5.Inspection and supervision cannot be completely absent


Even in Internet companies that advocate "self-management", "inspection and supervision"

cannot be completely absent. At this time, we need to be able to achieve a high degree of

self-discipline, but many people can't do it because self-discipline is really too difficult.


Therefore, each remotely cooperating team can agree on an inspection and supervision

mechanism in advance. This agreement can be to open a video together and supervise the

work of each other, or to check in at regular intervals, which depends entirely on the nature of

the work and the goals the team wants to achieve.


6.Special agreement in advance

Special circumstances, such as the illness of a colleague, the impact of the epidemic, and

the need to leave work during working hours, etc., it is best to have a prior plan and

agreement for these issues. For those that cannot be listed in advance, there can also be a

comprehensive interpretation mechanism.

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7.Clearly communicate "office appointments during isolation"

Through various methods, clearly communicate the new work tasks and office appointments

during the isolation period to everyone in the team.


Remote office, remote tool operation, collaborative communication booking, and time

management during the epidemic are also an excellent scenario for training team members

to "self-manage".


Finally, due to the reduction or cessation of some commercial activities during the epidemic,

the work tasks of some companies and employees will vary greatly.


It is suggested that in the isolated office period, in addition to the daily work, resources can

also be focused on: understanding customer needs and developing new customers.

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