Let the music heal your heart

Let the music heal your heart

I am used to the music of a person. The music of a person is the deepest place in the soul.

Maybe only I can understand it, but I still hope that the music I listen to can move around and

the future.


When you are wronged at work, we can't immediately let go of our work and vent their

emotions, but you can pick up your headphones, open your music list, put one of your most

Like the song, then listen silently, let the music heal your wounded heart; when you are

quarreling with your lover, when we don't want to talk to the other person, it would be a good

choice to listen to a quiet song. Let's go.


Then let the music wash our wounded heart and talk to music about a love!

Today, let us first meet our first boyfriend!

Name: Lover

Gender: Lyrics

Height: 3 min 58 s

Family background:

The seven rooms represent the seven albums of Taylor Swift, from the green name to the

pink Lover, but the top rep is an accident. When the man finally accompanied her to the small

attic representing the darkest rep period, the man became the lover of Taylor Swift's heart

who wanted to stay with him all the time.


Quotes recommended by bloggers:

You may live with someone you love most in an unknown city. The same familiar song may

hide the best memories of your time.

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Sari on

Yearh,music is a very good way to release yourselves

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