Sales Service Announcement Sales Service Announcement

Due to the increased difficulty in international logistics caused by the pandemic, we have decided to temporarily stop accepting new orders on for most of our products starting May 1st, 2021.
Rest assured, existing orders will still be fulfilled, and we will continue offering customer supports for previous orders. Sales service on will be restored when the logistics are back to normal.

For customers in the following countries, the best place to purchase our product online is
United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, Australia, United Emirate Arab, Singapore

For other countries and regions, please consider following online retailers. (Global), (Southeast Asia), Asia), (Latin America), (South Korea).

Maono products are also available through select physical retailers around the globe.

Thanks for your support and understanding. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and concerns.

Maono Sales Team

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Luis on

What is the expected date of normality? I would like to order an audio interface and there is nowhere available for Portugal

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