Never say goodbye

Never say goodbye

Parting is a very sad word, so I don't like it. When we were young, we always felt that

every separation between us was for a better meeting in the future. However, we

never thought that sometimes a separation means goodbye.


I remember every time my mother went to work when I was a child, my brothers and

sisters would take her to the intersection and watch the car she was riding gradually

leave our sight.


At that time, even though I was very young, every time my mother said that I would

go to work, I would lie on her shoulder and say, "Mom, can we not go to a place not

so far this year to work, we don't want you to go out to work, can you stay at

home?"We don't need to buy new clothes, so we don't need your hard work. We'll

all be good. "

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Every time I said it, my mother would smile bitterly and say to me: if I don't go to

work, what do we eat? What about your school fees? We need money for everything

we eat now. What do you eat if I don't make money? " Every time my mother says

that, I don't know how to answer her, because I can't say I don't eat or I go out to

make money.


So, every time, it doesn't end. At that time, I really hope that I can grow up quickly, so

that I can go out to make money without my mother, and I can also go out to make



Perhaps, parting is a topic we all have to face. No matter in work or in life, I know I

have to face a lot of departures.

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Now, just three months after I graduated from University, I have to face the first

separation in my life. This is my first formal job, so I am very interested in this job,

and I also cherish the people around me. So, when I heard that Elle was going to

resign, I felt sad for the first time because of the departure of my friend.


She is a close person in this company, and I would say anything to her at ordinary

times. Now, as soon as I think of her leaving the company and going to work

elsewhere, I feel very sad.


I am a more emotional person. Once I decide who I want to be friends with, I will

treat her wholeheartedly and trust her unconditionally. But since she chose to leave,

there must be her reasons, and I can't ask her to stay, after all, this is her choice, I

can't interfere.

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Now that we can't change the outcome, we can choose the way to end it. So I

decided to choose a gift for her as the end of our friendship. But what kind of gift do

you choose? A little tangled.


At first, I thought about choosing a book for her, but I thought that she didn't like

books. It seems that it's not good to send this book. After thinking for a long time, I

finally decided to send the AU-902 microphone that we created together to her. This

is the first work that we finished together, so it has a special significance for both of



I hope we can never say goodbye!

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