Pre -Christmas Guide

Pre -Christmas Guide

Christmas, also known as Christmas, is translated as "Christ mass". It originated from the

Roman New Year's agricultural God's day, which has nothing to do with Christianity. After the

prevalence of Christianity in the Roman Empire, the Holy See incorporated this folk festival

into the Christian system, and celebrated the birth of Jesus.


But it's not the birthday of Jesus on Christmas day, because the Bible doesn't record the

specific day of Jesus' birth, and it also doesn't mention that there is such a festival, which is

the result of Christianity's absorption of ancient Roman mythology.


Christmas is a traditional festival in western countries. Every family will buy something to

decorate their home to make it more festive. So, what do you usually need to prepare? Next,

I will share with you one by one so that you can deepen your understanding of Christmas.

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1.Christmas tree

Christmas tree is one of the most famous traditions in Christmas celebration. Usually, people

bring an evergreen plant such as pine into the house or outdoors around Christmas, and

decorate it with Christmas lights and colorful decorations. And put an angel or a star on the

top of the tree.


2.Christmas window

The Christmas window is also a beautiful scenery in Melbourne. Before Christmas, the

window designers of the shop will use their brains to give full play to the theme of Christmas,

and it will never coincide with the previous style.


This is also the place where mothers are most willing to bring their children. Grandpa

Christmas's mellow voice tells the breathtaking experience. The story is still that story, but

the combination of sound, light and electricity is more vivid and interesting.

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3.Christmas ring

Western countries usually use green branches and leaves or rattan (pine wool, pine needles,

etc.) and silver metal and gold bells with red ribbons as the main colors of decorations

hanging at home during Christmas. Green, white, yellow and red represent happy

celebrations. It says Merry Christmas or X'mas


4.Christmas card

Christmas is used to write blessings and send them to relatives and friends far away, which

is one of the ways to maintain the relationship between relatives and friends far away.


5.Christmas stockings

In the evening, children will hang their socks by the bed and wait for the next morning to

receive the presents. Therefore, Christmas socks are also one of their favorite things. The

original is the traditional red socks, the size is not restricted, now the color of Christmas

socks has changed a variety.

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6.Christmas hat

A red hat. It's said that you can sleep in a Christmas hat in the evening. You can not only

sleep safely and warm, but also have a surprise gift from Grandpa Christmas the next day.

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Of course, most importantly, the Christmas hat is the main character in the party on

Christmas Eve. No matter where you go, you can see people in all kinds of Christmas hats.


I think you've got a better understanding of Christmas, so we'd better prepare for your

Christmas and wish you a happy Christmas in advance!

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