Provence: a travel journal

Provence: a travel journal

Provence is located in the southeast of France, is a blue coast bordering on the

Mediterranean, the hometown of lavender. Many tourists come to Provence to have a look at

this lavender and feel the real lazy lifestyle.


This is the second stop of my journey around the world. I chose Provence, the hometown of

lavender. When I was a child, I saw a poster of lavender on the wall of my cousin's house. I

saw the male and female protagonists happily hugging each other. I felt very happy. At that

time, I was only six years old and stared at this poster for a long time.


I think that's when my Lavender plot started. Later, I know that there is a kind of flower called

lavender, and her flower language is waiting for love, so the yearning for love is just like

lavender's flower language, waiting for the arrival of real love.


So when I came to Provence, I felt that I had returned to the scene when I was six years old,

just like a dream of more than ten years.


Luna and I cleaned up in the hotel and set out to the flower field of Sault monastery in the

Luberon mountains, which is the most famous lavender viewing place in the area. Looking at

a purple lavender swaying in the wind, smelling the unique fragrance of lavender, I feel my

whole body and mind are relaxed.


All the troubles, all the noise in the world, will be forgotten here. When I am quietly breathing

the air with lavender fragrance in Provence, my hands are naturally unfolded, just like a

flower in the sunshine, enjoying it.


In fact, I didn't know about it at that time. It was later that Luna showed me the photos that I

knew how I enjoyed it. In that photo, I had a very happy smile. I felt that the happy smile was

about to overflow from the corner of my eyes. At that time, I was wearing the AU-100 travel

microphone of maono brand for live broadcast, which looked like a professional travel



Back to Provence, it gives me the feeling of being lazy and comfortable. The people living

here live a life free from struggle with the rest of the world. They can sleep until they wake up

and start their day of farming.


Here, you don't seem to feel the existence of the rhythm of life, because everyone has her

own rhythm, and everyone's rhythm is different, so you will feel that this is a place without the

rhythm of life.


However, I like it very much. It must be a good choice to come here for a holiday. If you also

like lavender, if you want to experience the lazy life, if you want to escape the noise of the

city for a while, then you can come to Provence, where you want everything.

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