Pursue Dreams

Pursue Dreams

The family habit of giving gifts to each other helps to enhance the sincere friendship between

parents and children. Its main significance is not in the gift itself, but in the care of relatives,

lies in the meaning of the gift.


In our family, there has always been a tradition, that is, every time we arrive at a major

festival, we will carefully choose a gift for our family. This tradition has existed since I was

very young. It has continued to the present. I believe it will continue in the future.

 condenser microphone

Because it is not only can promote the relationship between each other, but also help family

more harmony. That's why, although I'm busy sometimes, I have to choose gifts for my family

myself. Because it's not just a gift, it's also a responsibility to a family.


I still remember when I graduated from high school, my father gave me the A04TR microphone of maono as my graduation gift. When I saw the gift my father bought for me, I

was so happy.


I still remember when my father said to me, " son, you graduated today. I know you always

like music. Today, I give you this microphone to hope you can start to pursue your dream with

it from today."

condenser microphone 

A small graduation gift may not seem worth mentioning now, but it was a great

encouragement for me at that time. For me, it was not only a microphone, but also my



Sometimes, although I think it's a very conventional thing to give a gift, if a gift carries a

person's dream, I think it's a very meaningful thing.


Now, the A04TR microphone that my father gave me was placed in the bookcase in the

middle of my study. Later, whenever I encountered difficulties in recording and wanted to give

up, as long as I saw this microphone, I had a fighting spirit in an instant.

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