Sound is another carrier of memorie

Sound is another carrier of memorie

Have you ever noticed that only after we have been working, it seems that our life has

become a work-only one? Every day is nine nights to six .Sometimes we need to work

overtime or even get home at eight or nine o'clock. All festivals have nothing to do with us.

As if our life is for work, everything revolves around work. But is this really what we want?


Actually, work is for a better life, not to make work our life. Life needs a sense of ceremonies.

Those festivals should be celebrated. Occasionally, you can give yourself a reward for

working overtime.

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This reward can be a delicious meal, a lipstick or a short trip. We should learn to enjoy life,

not be enslaved by it.


Yesterday, it was my twenty-fourth birthday. I thought I would go to work tomorrow and not

want to do any activities. I thought I would go home for a meal, read a book and then go to

bed. But then I thought about what I was working for. Is it just to make your life better?


What's more, once a year like birthdays, do I really want to be as bland as usual? To tell you

the truth, I don't want to, I don't want to let my life in addition to work or work, I should have

my own way of life, a way of life that I yearn for every day.


So, finally, I decided to order a cake with a lot of butter. I asked my roommates to go out for a

big meal. I wanted to give myself a good treat. After all, I had a hard time in the past year.


We went downstairs to a restaurant nearby to eat a hot pot, ordered a lot of my favorite

dishes, but also to eat my favorite sour bamboo shoots, really super happy. During the meal,

my roommates sang me a happy birthday song.

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Although it was not very pleasant, I felt very warm and moved when I watched them shake

their bodies around so funny. It's been a long time since I was so happy. I've been busy

working since I came out to work. I seldom have time to go out to dinner with them, let alone

sing to me like yesterday.


It's almost ten o'clock after eating hot pot.


I said to lily, "Would you like to sit and talk?"


Lily said: OK.


In fact, although we live together, we can only sit and chat with each other at dinner every

night, but as we did last night, we sat in a restaurant with a good environment, listening to

melodious music, and chatting with each other about recent events around us.


There are not many opportunities like this. So we all cherish the opportunity to chat like this.

Later, it's eleven o'clock for chatting, because we have to go to work tomorrow, so we

decided to go back earlier.

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But is that the end of my twenty-fourth birthday? I always feel like I need to do something, so

I think of the microphone I just got in my bag yesterday. This microphone picks up sound

very well. I see many people buy it online, so I'll try it too. I was thinking of using it to record

Koala's voice when I was traveling to Australia, but birthday came in handy.


I connected my microphone to my cell phone, turned on my cellphone's video recorder and

said to lily, "today, what do you want me to say to the 24-year-old?" I want to keep these

words until we are all old, when we can lie in the old man's chair and watch these videos. It's

fun to think about it!


Lily said, "I want to tell you at the age of twenty-four that...


Maono's AU-100 is designed specifically for recording enthusiasts, and our designer

considers that most people will choose a portable, plug-and-play microphone in the recording

process, so in order to meet the needs of users.

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Our designer spent a lot of time in designing this product, constantly modifying and

experimenting. Finally, after layer by layer screening, we designed this compact and simple

microphone, which can be directly connected to the mobile phone. It is convenient for users

to carry with them without any sense of load.

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