The best value-added period for you is when you are alone

The best value-added period for you is when you are alone

Some people say: solitude is to look at your heart with an outsider's eyes, and then

you can have a detached and leisurely mood, which is the most comfortable time in



Yes, to like one person alone is to talk to another person. The world we live in is so noisy that

we don't have a little time for ourselves.


I'm a person who likes to be alone, and I don't like to go to places that are too noisy, because

there I feel like I'm a person without my own soul, and I don't like to go out and play with a

large group of people, because I really feel tired to deal with others.


Sometimes, I just want to live in an isolated island, with my books and some necessities, plus

a dog, it's enough. Let me stay away from the noise of the world and do what I like to do. I

don't need to cater to others or make myself unhappy. Why should we spend the time that

belongs to us on others when we have only a few decades in our life?


It is said that the best value-added period is when you are alone. I have a friend who is single

and seldom goes out to communicate with others on weekends, so I like to stay with myself.


Sometimes I laugh at her and say: if you go on like this, you may end up alone. But my

friend, she calmly replied to me: it's better for me to die alone than to spend my time on

meaningless meals!


My friend, she has her own set of ideas about the world. No matter what others say about

her, she still does what she likes. Although many people sometimes can't understand it, she

enjoys it.


Although sometimes I will tease her about her life style, I admire her a lot because

she has her own life style, her own goals and interests. Being alone with herself is her

greatest ability, and being alone is her greatest value-added period.


Recently, she applied for an English exam. In order to pass the exam successfully, she would

get up at six o'clock every morning to review. After coming back from work in the evening,

she would study silently until half past eleven. It's the same every day, but she didn't hear

that she was tired. Maybe she enjoyed it.


This weekend, we all stayed at home, I was lying on the sofa watching my TV series, and

she sat in front of the computer, opened the exam website, ready to write her simulation



Because her exams are all done by computer, she should be familiar with the feeling

of the exam. As she plugged her headphones into the computer, she told me to keep quiet

and not disturb her.


So the next time I am a person watching my TV play silently, sometimes I have to let myself

hold back when I see something very funny. Once, I couldn't help it, so I laughed.


At this time, I heard a whine from my friend. I thought I had made a noise to her. I quickly

muted the TV and whispered, "did I make a noise to you?" She asked me, "can't headphones

record?" Why can I hear the sound coming from the computer, but I can't use it to record? " It

turns out that it's not that I quarreled with her, but that the earphone can't record.


I thought, isn't that easy? There is a microphone specially used for recording at home, so I

took the AU-902 microphone and gave it to her. I said: headphones can't be recorded



Use this. This is a microphone specially used for recording. You can record directly by

plugging it into the computer. It's very simple.


A few hours later, she finally finished her paper. She said to me wearily, it's OK to have your

AU-902 today, or I will go to the Internet bar to study. However, to be honest, the reception

effect of the microphone you bought is quite good, the sound quality is very clear, and the

reduction degree is very high.


That's for sure. It's a classic of maono brand. It's designed with streamline body as a whole.

The smooth surface gives people a sense of comfort. The classic retro black is chosen as

the color, which gives people a sense of elegance and retro.


If you can use the microphone like my friend, I recommend you to buy the classic maono AU-


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