Third stop, Sweden

Third stop, Sweden

At the third stop of global travel, Luna and I decided to go to Sweden, a country of clocks and

watches. When it comes to Sweden, the first thing we think about is the watch. At the same

time, Sweden is also a highly developed capitalist country, one of the member states of the

European Union, which is regarded as having a social liberalism tendency and striving for



It has set up many social welfare systems, and it usually ranks first in the human

development index of the United Nations Development Programme.


Now I'd like to introduce to you some of Sweden's attractions that are worth visiting:

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1. Lund Cathedral

It is the faith Cathedral in Lund, Sweden. It is under the jurisdiction of bishop Lund of the

Swedish faith society. Lund Cathedral adopts the Romanesque architectural style of

Lombardy in northern Italy and Rhine River Valley in Germany.


The main material is sandstone. In the floor design, the basement, the arched corridor, and

the upper stage of the semi-circular back hall all clearly reflect this style.


The tower of the cathedral is 55 meters high, with a spire like top. The tower is the symbol of

Lund, which can be seen in a long distance. As a typical Romanesque building, Lund

cathedral has a unique 0, with only a few small windows to let the sun in.


The cruciform church has three side aisles and a sleeve gallery, and there is a very brilliant

Gothic Choir stage built in the 1370s.


It's important to note that we can't take photos in it. Luna and I just don't know this. After

entering, we will take our au-cm10s microphone and record vlog while walking inside.


Later, we were called to talk by the clergy inside, saying that there is no way to record and

take photos here, and asking us to delete what we just recorded. Luna and I realized the

seriousness of the problem, so we immediately deleted the vlog in person and apologized to


 vlog microphone

After this experience, Luna and I decided that we should go to such a special sacred place in

the future. Let's just stroll around and stop taking pictures and videos.


2.Sala silver mine

Located in Sara City, simallan Province, Sweden, 120 km from Stockholm, which has a

history of 500 years, it was the largest and most important source of metal silver in Sweden.


Now after the mine is shut down, it has been developed to be more adventurous and

entertaining. Sala Silver Mine Hotel, the deepest underground hotel in the world, is located

155 meters deep.


As I am a student of hotel management, I am particularly interested in hotels, especially the

deepest underground hotel in the world. I have never seen an underground hotel before,

which really opened my eyes.


3.Yota canal

This is the canal in jotland, Sweden, which was built in the early 19th century. The canal as

the main body of the waterway passes through Lake Vernon and lake Witten, extending to

the Yota River and the troehait canal, connecting the catgut city of Gothenburg and the Baltic

city of nanxueping.

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4.Kiruna Church

Located in Kiruna, Sweden, in 2001, the church was voted the most beautiful public building

in Sweden by the Swedish people. It is funded by lkab mining company. It is a red wood

structure building, simple and solemn.


Looking at Kiruna church from the appearance alone, many people can't guess that the

building is a church. Such a beautiful appearance is more like a delicate villa.


These are some tourist attractions that I think are worth visiting in Sweden, which are purely personal opinions. But I think when I go out to play, I still have to choose some things I'm interested in and have a good time.

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