Travel is the best way to relax

Travel is the best way to relax

I am a tourist enthusiast. I like to travel everywhere when I am free to see the scenery of

different places. In fact, you will find that when you see more places and see more things,

your whole vision will become very broad.


                                              Ancient people said that 

                                           reading thousands of books

                                                  is not as good as

                                          traveling thousands of miles.


Most of the time, books cannot give us the most intuitive feelings, are the feelings of others

after seeing the scenery.

 vlog microphone

But if you really see those sceneries and meet those people, then you will find that the

feeling you have experienced is totally different. You will find that feeling is so wonderful,

which is why I am so obsessed with traveling.


Every time I come back from traveling from a place, my friends around me will ask me how

the place is, and I usually show them the pictures I took, but later I found that just pictures do

not seem to meet my needs.


I want to record what I saw and heard and edit them into a short-sighted one. Frequently, on

that day I was old and had no memory. I could also recall my past through these short


 pc gooseneck microphone

So I bought the MAONO brand GM-10S to record my daily travel. Although it is the first time

to use it, it still feels quite convenient, belonging to a relatively small type, and mobile

phones, cameras can be used, more suitable for people like outdoor travel.


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