Travel journal Greece

Travel journal Greece

Speaking of Greece, you may blurt out the Greek civilization. Greece is the birthplace of

western philosophy, Olympic Games, western literature, history, political science, democratic

system, scientific and mathematical principles, and Western drama.


At the same time, the cultural and technological progress of Greece had a great influence on

the world history. It spread to the eastern world and the western world through Alexander the

great and the Roman Empire.

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This time, Luna and I did a lot of homework when we set out for Greece. Although we always

know that Greece is beautiful and Greek civilization is very famous. However, it was only

through this tourism strategy that I knew that I still knew too little about Greece.


After the first two trips, Luna and I are going to try a new way of traveling. Before the trip,

although it was also very interesting, we both felt that there was something missing. Later,

after careful consideration, we found that there was a lack of integration in this country.


Because before, every time I went to a country, I simply made a downstream play strategy,

listed the attractions and projects to play, and then it was gone. It seems that such a trip is

like a quick tour, and every country is doing similar things.

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So, before we went to Greece this time, we read a lot of books about Greece, about the

customs of Greece, about the food culture there. What's more, we also taught ourselves a

few simple Greek sentences.


In addition to reading a lot of books, I also need to prepare some necessary articles for

traveling. Many people will ask me what I need to prepare for traveling abroad. Now I will

show you some things I usually bring:


1.Sunscreen cream

When you go out to play, especially when you travel to some foreign countries, you must

bring sunscreen. Because the ultraviolet is very strong outside, the protective measures

should be in place.


2.A Book

Every time I go on a trip, I bring a book with me, because you won't feel lonely even when

you are outside. Moreover, with a book around you, you will feel very down-to-earth. Read a

few pages before going to bed every night to finish your day.

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4.Au-CM10s microphone

This is what I take with me every time I travel, because I want to use it to shoot some travel

videos, and use it to record every person, every scenery and every sound of fallen leaves I

meet in every country.


5.Water glass

In foreign countries, a lot of tap water can be directly drunk, so you need to bring a water cup

at your side, so it is very convenient when you want to drink water.




Basically, that's all. It doesn't seem to matter. Anyway, you have to make a good strategy

when you go out to play. Just remember to bring what you need.

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