Travel journal Spain

Travel journal Spain

The long planned trip can finally be put on the agenda, this time to Spain. The reason why I

chose Spain as my first stop is that my favorite writer, echo, has studied here.


Spain in her book is full of vitality and enthusiasm. Besides, she and her husband met in

Spain, so I also want to see how Spain is in her works


I chose Madrid as my first stop in Spain. Madrid is the capital and the largest city of Spain

and the capital of the autonomous region of Madrid. It is located in the central part of Spain.

The Manzanares river runs through the city. The name of the city comes from ulsalia,

because a large number of bears and strawberry trees have been found in the adjacent



Day one: Madrid Palace - Prado Museum


The first day of the trip did not arrange too many scenic spots, mainly in downtown Madrid. In

the morning, after a simple breakfast, I went out with my AU-10s microphone. Madrid is very

quiet in the morning.


The streets here are full of colorful flowers. It's very pleasant to watch.Looking at such a

beautiful scenery, I quickly picked up my AU-10s to record this beautiful scenery.


I went to Madrid palace in the morning. I spent nearly three hours here, but it's really worth

visiting. The Palacio real de Madrid is the third largest palace in Europe after the palaces of

Versailles and Vienna. Built in 1738 and completed in 26 years, it is one of the most

complete and exquisite palaces in the world. The palace has a square structure and a

magnificent appearance.


There are countless gold and silver vessels, paintings, porcelain, tapestries and other royal

articles in the palace.


It is a representative cultural relic of bourbon, which is one of the top imperial palaces in

Europe. Now, the palace has been opened as a museum for visitors to visit.


In the afternoon, I went to the Prado Museum. I like to visit the museum when I am in China.

But the Prado Museum is the largest museum I have ever seen.


Prado Museum, built in the 18th century, is located in Madrid, Spain. Prado Museum is

considered to be one of the greatest museums in the world, as well as the most

comprehensive and authoritative art museum collecting Spanish paintings. There are 15-19th

century Spanish, Flemish and Italian art treasures in the collection.


Especially the works of the Spanish painter Goya are the most abundant. The second floor is

the most important place of the museum. It is divided into many small halls, displaying many

Spanish and Italian paintings. It will take half a day for visitors to have a full view.


The first day in Spain ended like this. Maybe many people would say, why didn't they write

about Spanish food? I think there are too many Spanish food. If it's just so simple, I don't feel

like I can share all its essence. So I plan to write an article about Spanish food to share with

you next time.

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