Travel Journal: Spanish cuisine

Travel Journal: Spanish cuisine

Spain gives people the feeling of passion and unrestrained, just like their food gives people a

kind of unrestrained feeling. There are many Spanish cuisines, but in this article I mainly

introduce some of the most classic cuisines in Spain, which you can't miss when you go to



No 1 Spanish Seafood Rice

If you go to Spain and you don't eat Spanish seafood rice, it's like you haven't been to Spain.

It is a classic Spanish delicacy. Every visitor to Spain will taste the authentic Spanish seafood

rice here.


Luna and I were already salivating for this seafood meal before we arrived in Spain, so our

first meal in Spain was to go to a local restaurant and order a large seafood meal to satisfy

our two empty stomachs.


At first, like most people, I thought that there must be a lot of seafood in seafood rice, but it's

not true. Although it's called Spanish seafood rice, it's not necessarily accompanied by

seafood. Sometimes there are some snails, ham or other meat in it.


Don't worry. Although there is no seafood, it doesn't affect its taste at all. It's delicious and

very suitable for Chinese taste.


Luna and I were going to use their cooking time to shoot the AU-10s video of how they made

seafood rice and share it with you. But when I asked if their manager could shoot the video,

the manager refused our request. They said that the kitchen should be absolutely clean and

not allowed to enter. However, although I can't go in to shoot, it can be seen from here that

they still attach great importance to the safety of food.


No 2  Tapas

This is the quintessence of Spanish food, a classic snack that you have to eat when you

come to Spain. Tapas, it's a little sour with a little cream cheese. It's mostly delicious. This

snack, which you can eat in various restaurants in Spain, is especially suitable for pre-dinner



No 3  Fruit wine

In addition to the two dishes mentioned above, my favorite food is their fruit wine. Fruit wine,

as the name implies, is a wine made from fruit. Although it contains alcohol, its degree is

generally not very high.


Moreover, the wine made from this fruit is very bright and beautiful. When I saw the waiter

bring up the glass of fruit wine I ordered, I was attracted by its color at the first sight.


The red wine is very bright, and the blue wine is very low-key and hidden. Each color has its

own personality. Moreover, I don't think it's inappropriate to match several colors. On the

contrary, it looks very harmonious.


This time I wanted to shoot at least a small video for you, but every time I asked for a video,

those stores refused my request. Their reasons for refusing me were basically the same as

those given by the manager of seafood rice. They were all for food safety, so I can only show

you the pictures.

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