Turkey Tour

Turkey Tour

Day 1

Itinerary: Uchisar, Goreme open air museum, Love Valley hike and cavusin



Uchisar's Rock Castle is the highest point in Cappadocia, providing visitors with the best

view of the area. Climbing the castle gives you the opportunity to explore many caves in the

area. It was great for the kids;


Tyler and Carla knew immediately that Cappadocia would be an adventure, not some boring

Museum vacation. Our photos don't give people the same sense of justice as when it rains.


Goreme Open Air Museum

It's only a short drive from the Graeme open air museum. This is a series of Catholic

churches carved on a mountain dating back to 1000 years ago. The paintings in the church

are preserved by the spatter of pigeon droppings accumulated on the wall. Anyway, huh?


Well, the pigeons are gone, but the art still exists. You can spend an hour visiting the Graeme

open air museum. After visiting the museum, have lunch in Graeme.


Love Valley Hike

Love Valley hike is a 1.5-mile hike, mostly flat, with some gentle climbing. This hike will take

you through a local Valley and see a large conical spire at the end of the hike.


The hike was named after the penile formation at the end of the hike. This is a beautiful area

where adults are funny and ask questions for our children.



This is another popular town in Cappadocia, with more caves to explore and an ancient

village built on hillsides. It also provides visitors with more spectacular views of Cappadocia.


The monks Valley is another popular Cave (there are many of them in Cappadocia) in

pasabag. In this small town, you can see that many foreign tourists and local people are

completely integrated.


Many tourists will sing and dance with the local people, sit on the roadside and chat. You can

see that kind of buskers everywhere, walking on the streets of Turkey, enjoying the pleasure

from the heart.


I happened to see a young couple singer singing the most popular song "take you to travel"

in China. I came to Turkey because of this song, but the most important thing is that the

microphone in his hand attracted my attention.


Because he is holding our company's recently launched product AU-K04, it seems that I

need to quickly record a video to show them and tell the company that our products have

been seen everywhere overseas.


With the end of music, the first day of our trip to Turkey ended.

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