TWS Headset Shipments Will Exceed 1 Billion In The Next 5 Years

TWS Headset Shipments Will Exceed 1 Billion In The Next 5 Years

Since smart phones have allowed us to enter the mobile Internet era, although there have

been many products such as smart glasses, VR, driverless cars, smart speakers, smart

Bluetooth headsets, etc., in terms of market size, it seems that no one has reached the

extent of changing the world.

However, as far as the matter is concerned, after the smartphone, it is said that the most

popular market is probably the Bluetooth headset.


Especially from the birth of Bluetooth 5.0 technology popularization and conversational AI

artificial intelligence platform, Bluetooth headset should be the best and most mature one in

the technology industry.

In 2019, the TWS Bluetooth headset market will gradually form a pattern of global mobile

phone manufacturers entering the market, traditional audio manufacturers will do their best,

and new audio manufacturers will catch up.


In 2019, let us look forward to seeing what exciting new products will appear in the TWS

Bluetooth headset market.




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